“This conversational documentary with the prurient poet of Los Angeles’ lower depths is remarkably rich with insights into the writing craft and business, sex and love, humanity’s lack of humanity and more”. – SF Chronicle 

Charles Bukowski enjoys cocktail hour.

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Charles Bukowski Turns 100! A Birthday Celebration Hosted by Matt Dillon (who portrayed Bukowski in FACTOTUM) 12 PM PST, Sunday August 16th, 2020 Live on Youtube 

This powerful documentary is comprised of rare found footage of writer Charles Bukowski. Producer and journalist Silvia Bizio recounts her time with the author and the discovery of an extraordinary time capsule that lead to the documentary’s creation – a video interview conducted by Bizio in January of 1981 with Bukowski at his home in San Pedro, California.

It was a long night of smoking cigarettes and drinking wine with Bukowski and his soon to be wife, Linda Lee Beighle, talking about all kinds of subjects, from writers to sex, love and humanity. The interview was shot on Umatic tapes which have been digitized and edited along with new shots in Super8 of scenes of Los Angeles today and poems read by Bukowski.

Directed by Matteo Borgardt. Produced by Silvia Bizio. NR. 2020  55 minutes.

Price: $12.00 (40% of proceeds support the Roxie Theater)
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