VR Movie House: Ask No Questions (2020)

Tuesday, April 28

Experience the gripping feature documentary “Ask No Questions” in a special virtual reality theatrical screening and filmmaker Q&A.

Please note you need a virtual reality device for this screening.*

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Experience the gripping feature documentary “Ask No Questions” in a special virtual reality theatrical screening and filmmaker Q&A. The team behind the film, which premiered to rave reviews at the Slamdance Film Festival in January, is responding to the global shelter-in-place by bringing its film to audiences in a virtual world, while raising funds for the Roxie!

Each VR screening will be followed by a live Q&A with the filmmaker using avatars inside the VR environment. The screenings are supported by San Francisco’s DocFest and all proceeds will go to support the Roxie during this COVID-19 shutdown. Tickets are available on a pay-what-you-choose basis starting at $5. You can buy them here. There will be four screenings on Tuesday, April 28th.

A startling investigative documentary, “Ask No Questions” closely examines the story of a former Chinese state TV insider who is held in a brainwashing camp and compelled to accept the official narrative on a fiery public suicide, which he believes was a government plot. It’s a heartbreaking and mind-bending story of misinformation and coverup in China, which focuses on Falun Gong practitioners under the watchful eye of the Chinese government.

Described by Film Threat as “a real-life episode of Black Mirror” the film recently received endorsement from Ai Weiwei, the renowned Chinese contemporary artist and activist.

The screenings will take place via the Bigscreen VR app, available for most major VR headsets. To confirm device compatibility, please visit bigscreenvr.com. We welcome you to test the free app before purchasing your tickets if you have any concerns, and we ask that you have the Bigscreen VR app installed prior to showtime on April 28. After purchasing a ticket you will receive an email with instructions. A second email just prior to showtime will provide the required room code for the screening. Each ticket allows one user to attend the screening.


When Chinese state TV blames his faith for a fiery public suicide, Chen Ruichang is detained in a Clockwork Orange-style brainwashing facility and forced to accept the government’s account. But Chen, a former insider of the state TV himself, believes it was all a government plot. A CNN reporter smuggled out footage of the event that day, but was then muzzled by Beijing. Now, her eyewitness testimony helps untangle an intricate conspiracy, as Chinese authorities begin pressuring the filmmaker’s family and business associates. Ask No Questions shows the deadly power of media under authoritarian control. It also shows the remarkable power of an individual who refuses to compromise the truth.


VR Movie House is an initiative to use virtual reality to preserve the shared experience of a cinema screening – complete with the filmmaker Q&As often found at film festivals – while raising funds to support art house theaters that serve the independent film community. VRmoviehouse.com

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* To confirm device compatibility, please visit bigscreenvr.com