Acclaimed Critics’ Pick! “Christopher Munch has a near-unique filmmaking voice, possessed of an understatement that can register either as droll or profound, and sometimes as both… The measured tone with which the movie presents its ostensible revelations is more than half the fun” —N.Y. Times

Starts July 10!

Round Tablet Discussion w/ Cambell Scott & Christopher Munch 4/20 @ 4pm PT with ticket purchase!

After the demise of his Air Force general father, Washington journalist Jeremy Rudd (Campbell Scott) returns to the Palm Desert house, once inhabited by President Eisenhower, where his father had lived. Working on an exposé about breakthrough aerospace technology, his investigations take an otherworldly turn when his father’s protégé shows him bewildering, long-buried footage purporting to document Ike’s encounters with extraterrestrials.

So begins this challenging and unclassifiable new film by maverick independent writer/director Christopher Munch (THE HOURS AND THE TIMES) which is part love story, part historical excavation, part speculative fiction, and part political thriller. Into this ambitious mix enters a present-day, Obama-like president (Leith Burke) who, in the midst of Jeremy’s controversial reporting, must contend with his own limited access to information about the origins of what he calls the “ET industrial complex.”

Directed by Christopher Munch, U.S.A., 2020, 108 mins.

“Thoughtful and compelling… in combination with the film’s eccentric mix of genres, time periods …. it makes for a heady revisionist saga” —Hollywood Reporter


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