Wish List



Maybe you, or your organization, has something laying around that the Roxie could really use!  Or maybe you just want to buy us a present?  Anyway, remember that we’re a 501c3 non-profit, so these donations are tax-deductible!  Off the top of our head, we could use:


– A DCI-compliant DCP projector/server for the Little Roxie

– 2 35mm xenon projectors (for the Big Roxie – we still use carbon arc!)

– Extra bulbs for our digital projectors (call for specs)

– An HD-Cam deck

– Macbooks in working order for the office, or Mac Minis for projection

– DVD burners

– External hard drives (any size, really)

– Digital cameras

– Digital recorders

– Flat storage shelves for movie posters.

– Microphones!  Mic stands!

Or is there anything YOU think we need and aren’t thinking of?!

If you would like to donate, please contact Operations Director Lex Sloan at lex@roxie.com or 415-431-3611.