SF Youth Film Uprising Festival

Presented by Bay Area Video Coalition & Youth Leadership Institute

SF Youth Film Uprising is a festival that aims to amplify and uplift the voices of young filmmakers and activists by providing a platform for their work to be showcased. One of the main goals of SFYFU is to provide resources and a welcoming environment for brand new and/or emerging filmmakers who may not have even considered themselves to be filmmakers in the first place. We want to encourage them to use their voices to tell their own stories to empower themselves and others. As we know, media representation is often misused to stereotype or completely leave out people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, those differently-abled, and other marginalized communities; hence, putting on a film festival that connects young emerging mediamakers allows them to take power into their own hands to change the narrative and the media landscape. SFYFU is a stepping stone for these young filmmakers, so they can share their work with their community and put it out into the world, and hopefully encourage them to apply to bigger festivals in the future. Our main goal is to democratize film and make it available to everyone with a story to tell.


Tickets are free but donations are gratefully accepted! Anyone who makes a donation of $5 or more will be entered into a raffle to win an iPad! Donations will help make future editions of SF Youth Uprising Film Festival possible.


Official Selections Part I

1) Resistance Vs. Resilience by Madeleine Morris (4:49)

2) Mission Murals, and the Stories That They Tell by Aiden Jennings (6:14)

3) Diversity Equity Committee Introduction by Melina Nath (4:20)

4) Be the Change by Piero Lujan Pedreschi (3:28)

5) The EXCEPTionals by Sonemani Bitna (7:15)

6) 2020 Vision by Isabelle Reich (2:56)


Angel Rodriguez’s Performance

Official Selections Part II

7) Departed by Xochitl Cordero (0:37)

8) Without You by Sofia Verani (3:37)

9) Generation Cycle by Lynn Aylward, Robyn Sankey, Corina Aranda-Coto, Nicole Rangel (5:00)

10) Next Gen by Nevaeh Sierra (1:58)

11) Rising Tides by Aiden Jennings (5:35)

12) White Friends by Nathan Aurellano (5:05)

13) Change is Coming by Sophia Montoya (2:10)

Amani Jade’s Performance