You Can Rent The Roxie!

The Roxie Theater is a San Francisco landmark in the Mission District. We are proud to serve the independent film community of the Bay Area and bring people together to meet and connect through distinctive cinematic experiences. Our historic venue is the perfect place for film premieres, presentations, staff parties, birthdays, film festivals and special events both public and private.

We have two screening spaces, the Big Roxie (233 seats) and the Little Roxie (47 seats), located two doors up the street from the main theater. Both spaces have a wide variety of audio & visual capabilities, concessions counters, and are ADA accessible. The Little Roxie is an intimate venue great for parties.

The interior of a small screening room, with the word ROXIE on the screen.

The Little Roxie auditorium

The interior of a movie theater with the word ROXIE on the screen.

The Big Roxie auditorium

  • Reservation times vary depending on availability.
  • The Roxie offers both corporate and nonprofit rates. Our standard rental period is 2 hours long. Rates for a 2-hour rental vary depending on day of the week and time of day, and which space is requested.

  • Screening Guidelines
    • If you or your guests are feeling ill, we ask that you stay home. You may contact us to reschedule.
    • Any City guidelines and/or health directives will be complied with and followed explicitly.

Have questions? Email us at [email protected], where we will be happy to discuss your options.

Ready to make a reservation? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 3 business days. Thank you!

You may also contact [email protected] about renting the Eric Quezada Center at 518 Valencia. This multi-purpose community space is a low-cost and accessible venue for left and progressive social movement groups and organizations in the Bay Area. You can find more information about 518 Valencia and fill out out a rental form by clicking here.