“Informative and inspiring…By highlighting the culture of zero waste developed in San Francisco we can see that another world is possible. We just need the determination and vision to make a zero waste world a reality.” – Anna Baptista, Asst. Professor of Professional Practice, Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management. The New School

An image of a recology dump truck dumping trash

Available June 29 through July 1st

Only one third of the waste in the United States is recycled or composted. Why?

Industry, through its practice of planned obsolescence, plays a major role; our lives are almost totally dependent on unrecyclable petroleum products. In order to reach zero waste, we need to change our relationship to garbage and view the things we discard as resources, rather than waste.

“In this inspiring and path-breaking film, Diana Fuller and Christopher Beaver not only address the most profound issues raised by the waste we produce, they also tell us with great accuracy what we can do about it… it opens  up important new conversation if we are to become a more sustainable society.” – Dr. Helene Charrier, Ass. Professor of Economics, Finance and Marketing, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Directed by Christopher Beaver 2014. 59 mins.

Watch the Live Q&A Tuesday 6/30 at 5pm PT!
Host: Linda Blackaby: Consultant to Film festivals and Cultural Exhibitors.

In attendance will be:

Saski Van Gendt: Head of Sustainability at Rothy’s.
Deborah Munk: The director of the Artists in Residence Program at Recology SF.
Megan Butler: Director of Corporate Development for Recology.
Diana Fuller: Producer.