My Darling Supermarket

Starts March 5

“An observation of a brand new supermarket as seen from  the collective of its quirky employees” – Filmkrant, NL

“Grocery store employees, today’s essential workers, get star treatment in My Darling  Supermarket (made prior to the pandemic). Set within a bright, colorful supermercado in São  Paulo, Brazil, this charming, funny documentary glides through a seemingly endless array of  vibrantly designed shelves and displays, but it’s the store’s employees who take center stage.  Rodrigo (in bread) discusses quantum physics and parallel universes; Santo (a forklift operator)  builds video game cities; a security officer tracks possible shoplifters on closed circuit TVs (“Two  suspects near the condensed milk!”); Ivan (a baker) likes to dress as Goku, a Manga character;  and then there’s the artist who lovingly paints the prices. A panoply of individuals with fears,  hopes, and questions about their place in the universe are celebrated in a quirky portrait that  juxtaposes their idiosyncrasies with the assumed mundanity of bringing food to our table.”  —Film Forum 

Price: $12.00 & $10.00 for members  (50% of proceeds support The Roxie Theater)

Rental Period: 48 hours.

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