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We put out the call to our community to be a part of an exciting festival during shelter-in-place, and you delivered!

After a record amount of submissions, we are excited to finally share with you our amazing lineup of films. We’ve narrowed it down to 44, 3 minute (or less) adventures that will take you from your couch, to the beach (the Lego beach that is). Through animation, art + experimental film, comedy, drama, music, and personal stories, these films capture the solitude, goofiness, boredom, togetherness, fear and self-reflection that has touched all of us during these past few months of quarantine.

There will be 2 sections, the Kids’ Shorts and the Feature Program (which will also include the winners from the Kids’ Shorts), each with their own screening link (all for the price of 1 ticket). Check out both program lineups below.

And don’t forget to vote for your favorite! The films with the most votes in each program will take home the Audience Award!

100% of proceeds support The Roxie!

Feature Program

top: After the Meeting (left), Beach Day (right)
bottom: The Hermophobe (left) To Do List (right)

After the Meeting  – Aaron Barry 
It’s April 2020. Kids are trapped in their homes and parents are stuck in little virtual meeting boxes all day, so Skycar Creative Director Aaron Barry had a fun and challenging idea for a short film.

Beach Day – Kiran Sekaran (1st prize winner, Kids’ Shorts)
Lego man wakes up excited for his day at the beach, but his day goes horribly wrong!

The Hermophobe – Alexey Samsonov
A couple is sheltering in place during COVID-19 pandemic. He is annoying. But then he receives a mysterious package.

To Do List – Sangita Rajan
A young woman quarantined alone during a pandemic decides how to spend her time.

top: Sewing in the Time of Corona Virus (left), Analysis Paralysis (right) bottom: Act! In Delirium (left), It’s Time for a Haircut (right)

Sewing in the Time of Corona Virus – Valerie Soe
In the hands of the Auntie Sewing Squad, hoarded film festival lanyards become a way to fight coronavirus.

Analysis Paralysis – Adrian Arias
Based solely and exclusively on how the song Analysis Paralysis sounds, and what it visually communicates to me, I paint nonstop until the song ends.

Act! In Delirium – Layla Venegas (3rd Prize Winner)
Chilling experimental short speaks on COVID-19 and the darkness within, with reflections on mortality and isolation, as well as our quest for discovery and empowerment through our will to survive as a species.

It’s Time for a Haircut – Craig Gaspian
When the barbershops are closed…

top: Quarantine (left), D A Y D R E A M (right)
bottom: Ascots (left), Old Man Mud (right)

Quarantine – Amer Alomari
In this short film, I showed how I spend my day during the shelter in place order.

D A Y D R E A M – Linh Nguyen
An escapist D A Y D R E A M, inspired by the current age of self-isolation.

Ascots – Yun Shin
In a competitive marketplace, it’s time to get motivated.

Old Man Mud – Timothy Hittle
Colorful clay animation with a Lego man.


top: We Will Rise (left), Quarantine is a Dragon (right) left: Wagon Thief (left), Familiar (right)

We Will Rise – Michael Falcone
A sourdough starter starts some [email protected] late one night during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Quarantine is a Dragon – Joyous Windrider Jiménez
Time-lapse illustration of the poem “Quarantine is a Dragon” by Joyous Windrider Jiménez. Created during San Antonio’s shelter-in-place order.

Wagon Thief- Yasi & Layli Fardin (3rd prize winner, Kids’ Shorts)
Using LEGO, Yasi and Layli Fardin create a brief movie about a sheriff, Rusty, who has to arrest a wagon thief on horseback.

Familiar – Aiko Lozar
This film is a portrait of the family of a 16-year-old girl and depicts why, in her opinion, they are all heroes.

top: Isolation (left), Two Ply Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (middle), Hell Part Two (right) bottom: Same Time Tomorrow (left), Isolated (right)

Isolation – Christopher Wooten
What does the disconnection feel like when you are sheltering in place – alone.

Two Ply Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Kate J Miller
A piece of toilet paper lives life in quarantine.

*Hell Part Two – Laura Chenault
People don’t want to think for themselves, it’s too stressful. We are doing this to ourselves. We can change that.

Same Time Tomorrow – Kolmel W. Love
Kolmel made this animation while in quarantine, having lost all sense of time minus the sun and birds outside. Original music by Ed Varga.

Isolated – Josh Wilky (2nd prize winner, Kids’ Shorts)
An elderly man self-isolating notices something sinister in his window…

top: Quarancleaning (left), Mothers (right) bottom: Inheritance (left), Shelter in Pace (right)

Quarancleaning – Dominick Palamenti & Caitlyn Kilgore
Daniel is stuck inside during Covid-19 shelter in place ordinances. He starts a project cleaning/organizing his belongings and begins finding photos of himself he does not recognize. What is happening? Written and acted in by Dominick Palamenti. Shot and Directed by Caitlyn Kilgore.

Mothers – Gloria Kurnik
This is a tribute to all mothers in the lockdown, it takes an immense amount of creativity to keep everybody sane.

Inheritance – Essi Westerman (2nd prize winner)
Through a collection of home videos from a family trip to Côte D’Ivoire in 2002, I capture the traces of home my mother has strategically placed in our current lives in order to preserve and pass down.

Shelter in Pace – Elliott Bastien Morin
The piece was created in accordance to California’s “shelter in place” ordinance by use of camera phones and video chat.

top: What Art is For (left), Marble Madness (right) bottom: Quarantine Cuddle Buddy (left), The Scream (right)

What Art is For – Giovana Roskosz Reis
A film about self-knowledge made for one of my classes, Directing for the Camera.

Marble Madness – Doctor Popular & Jonas Mohamadi
Marble Madness is a stop motion music video for the song of the same name by Doctor Popular. The song appears off of “Quarantined Beats & Inside Voices” an album that was created entirely in one month (May 2020) and focuses on themes of quarantine. Directed by Jonas Mohamadi.

Quarantine Cuddle Buddy – Kathy Trinh
A lonely girl rents a quarantine cuddle buddy.

The Scream – Bryan Boyce
We all live inside an expressionist painting.

top: The Corona Acid Test (left), Shoes Are Made for Walking (right) bottom: please press one key’

*The Corona Acid Test – JMV and Maya Finlay
Jack and Mona decide to travel-in-place with a little help from their old buddy Bill. Things get silly. Groovy Beats and Belly Laffs.

Shoes are Made for Walking – Andrew Butte (1st prize winner)
What are our shoes doing during quarantine? Well they’re trying walk, duh.

please press one key’ – Jeremy Rourke
Animation created using weather, light, elk, a bicycle and a buffalo. Appreciating piano keys and the full moon. A loving nod to the landline, Eadweard Muybridge, and San Francisco’s highest point, Mt. Davidson (928 ft).


*Films marked with an asterisk contain harsh language and/or reference to drugs which may be unsuitable for younger viewers.

Kids’ Shorts

top: Wagon Thief (left), Isolated (right) bottom: Cycle (left) Boom Clap! (center), Ascriptive (right)

Wagon Thief- Yasi & Layli Fardin (3rd prize winner)
Using LEGO, Yasi and Layli Fardin create a brief movie about a sheriff, Rusty, who has to arrest a wagon thief on horseback.

Isolated – Josh Wilky (2nd prize winner)
An elderly man self-isolating notices something sinister in his window…

Cycle – Millen Salopek
My movie is an animated short film. It is based on the cycle in the oceans and all of its pollution. There are 5 characters in the movie. I really love nature and animals, and I hope that during Coronavirus we can still focus on keeping all creatures alive and happy.

Boom Clap! – Ryan Lee
During shelter-in-place I focused my boredom toward learning Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, and created this music video. It depicts the roller-coaster feelings that a teenager like me experiences, whether in coronavirus or not.

Ascriptive – Shantel Davis
What is inner beauty? This film explores the thoughts of teenagers on their perspective of their own personal beauty in this society. As well as, how the world we live in projects beauty and how it affects teenagers.

top: Beach Day(left), Magic, magic (center), Prehistoric Ducks (right) bottom: Familiar (left), The Attack (center), Juniper Island (right)

Beach Day – Kiran Sekaran (1st prize winner)
Lego man wakes up excited for his day at the beach, but his day goes horribly wrong!

Magic, magic -Finley Grillos
Every trimester Finley’s school has one homework assignment that we have to do as a family. This time they were studying music and dance so we decided to make a music video as her final project. Finn made up this chorus last year and her dad helped her finish it last week. He recorded all the instruments and we all sang background vocals. I shot the video on my iphone and my brother Hernan Barangan did the editing.

Prehistoric Ducks – Lucy Jameson
A baby duck gets separated from his family and years later, after he reunites with his siblings, tragically gets killed by a volcano. Millions of years later, a dog in a park finds the fossil of the duck.

Familiar – Aiko Lozar
This film is a portrait of the family of a 16-year-old girl and depicts why, in her opinion, they are all heroes.

The Attack- Audrey & Louise Gerardin
A family goes camping – the adventure goes wrong. But the end is happy.

Juniper Island – Stella Rose
This is a short fantasy film about traveling to another dimension without leaving home.

The Black Sheep – Frida Barba
It’s about self acceptance and surpassing everyone’s expectations. Discovering who you are and realizing that you worth more than what anyone thinks.

top: The Black Sheep (left), The Baker’s Remorse (center), The COVID Countdown (right) bottom: Dot Pandemic (left), Teacher Appreciation (center), Duude (right)

The Baker’s Remorse – Bina Herron Geller
This vintage themed short film is a cautionary tale of one baker’s uncomfortably close connection with her creation. “The Baker’s Remorse” explores the ideas of loneliness and the growing trend of home made bread during this quarantine time.

The COVID Countdown – Jeremy Post
The COVID Countdown is a music and dance video for a remix of the song “The Final Countdown” by DJRey. This is a hot track and an even hotter performance by three talented young dancers, featuring fly fancy footwork, butt-slap-booty shakin’, and a whole lotta’ finger guns. Enjoy!

Dot Pandemic – Flora Madeline
Dot Pandemic is a narrative film about the current coronavirus pandemic. It tells the story of a community of dots who become ill, go into quarantine and are healed by a dot doctor. We are hopeful that human doctors will soon have a cure for all of us.

Teacher Appreciation – Felix Silvanto
An animated Lego short film that I made to appreciate my great teachers at school.

Duude – Axel Bautista
2 dudes will discover the answer to a mystery that not even science experts and flat-earthers can answer, what is the scariest animal out there?!!?!??


A jury will select winners for both age groups with the following prizes*:

1st prize: A private watch party (up to 2 hours) in the Little Roxie (when we reopen)

2nd Prize: A Roxie Patron Membership

3rd Prize: A Roxie T-shirt

Audience Award – The winner will be selected by the audience attending the virtual screening. The Prize* is a Free Popcorn Pass that gets you a small bag of popcorn on every visit for a whole year.

*Prizes are transferable and can be made as gifts if winners want or are not local.

In addition to the virtual screenings, a selection of films will premiere theatrically at the Roxie after we reopen (date TBD)

The Jury:

Rafael Casal

Bay Area native Rafael Casal is a writer, actor, producer and poet, well known for the films Blindspotting (2018) and Bad Education (2019). Photo by Sundholm Magnus.



Jennifer Kroot

Jennifer Kroot is an acclaimed SF based director and producer, known for her documentary features The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin (2017), and To Be Takei (2014). Photo from Sundance Institute.


Isabel Fondevila

Isabel Fondevila is Director of Programming at the Roxie and has been with us since 2013. She has also long been involved with other local film organizations such as Artists’ Television Access (ATA).


If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

100% of proceeds support The Roxie!