As we adjust to this ever increasingly digital world and work on creating new ways to engage our members and community, we are excited to bring you The Roxie Virtual Membership!

The Roxie Virtual Membership includes:

  • Exclusive access to Roxie Quick Takes – a new year-long virtual conversation series featuring filmmakers from the Bay Area and beyond on the third Wednesday of every month. Prior to the conversation, the filmmakers will share one of their first works, and during Quick Takes, they will discuss the work, their filmmaking process and their career paths, and answer questions from members.
  • Access to the Roxie Members-only Facebook group where you can get to know other members, discuss movies, and talk about the upcoming Roxie Quick Take.
  • Roxie Virtual Cinema discounts or free virtual tickets, when available.

If you already have a Roxie membership you will automatically be given access to all of these new perks!

Choose your virtual membership and join us today!

Both tiers provide access to all of the virtual benefits. If you have the means to purchase our Supporter tier you would be directly helping ensure the longevity of the Roxie.

How Does it Work?

  1. After purchasing your year-long membership you will be sent a confirmation email for your purchase with an invite to join The Roxie Members Facebook Group.
  2. Before the month’s Roxie Quick Take, you will be sent an invitation via email to register for the event for free. Upon registration, you will have access to the filmmaker’s work and the Zoom room link for the Quick Takes event. Watch the work as many times as you’d like before the conversation and prepare whatever questions you’d like to ask during the Quick Takes Q&A section.
  3. After the conversation ends, you can take to the Facebook group to continue the discussion and await the next month!


I have a Roxie Brick and Mortar Membership, do I get access to Roxie Quick Takes?

Yes! Your current membership automatically includes Roxie Virtual Membership, including access to Roxie Quick Takes.

If I buy a Virtual Membership, do I get discounts to the Roxie’s Virtual Cinema?

Yes! We aren’t always able to offer virtual discounts as that is something that is decided by the distributor, but when we do have discounts you will have access to them.

I’ve bought the Virtual Membership, should I expect to get something in the mail?

No, there is no physical membership card for the Virtual Membership.

I’m trying to log in with my brick-and-mortar membership to access virtual cinema discounts and it’s not working! What gives?

Your brick-and-mortar membership login information is only needed with our brick-and-mortar ticketing system Veezi, which is not used for virtual cinema. There is no login associated with virtual membership.



If you have any questions about membership or renewing your support please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].