COVID19 and Your Membership!

As you may know, we are currently closed due to the COVID19 situation in the Bay Area. While we are still processing memberships, it is taking a bit longer than usual. However, we promise to have your card to you by the time we reopen. Additionally, all expiration dates will be reset once we reopen to make sure that you get a full year of benefits. Meaning, if you sign up/renew now, your membership will expire one year from the day we reopen our doors.

Your Membership and Roxie Virtual Cinema

At this moment, most Roxie Virtual Cinema screenings are being hosted on the distributors individual platforms. As such, they’re not allowing us to extend the free or discounted screening benefits of Roxie membership to online streaming. So, there is no way to watch these movies for free, even for members, at this time.  But stay tuned for future exclusive member offerings like:


We have an exciting member perk for you! We reached out to the Criterion Channel, and they have given us a limited number of discounted subscriptions to share with our members who are not already signed up. New subscribers who sign up by April 30 will receive 50% off their first three months of membership, following a two-week free trial. Information on redeeming this offer will be included in your confirmation email after signing up for a membership.


The online streaming service MUBI, is offering our members 3 months of free access to their site!

From documentaries like Camila José Donoso’s NONA, IF THEY SOAK ME, I’LL BURN THEM, a bold look at Chile’s recent past to the experimental animation work of Jodie Mack in her piece THE GRAND BIZARRE and even the eerie supernatural horror of a desolate Candian Town in Denis Côté’s GHOST TOWN ANTHOLOGIES their April lineup is sure to help the days fly by. Information on redeeming this offer will be included in your confirmation email after signing up for a membership.


As a Roxie member, you become part of a vibrant local community of film lovers. Membership invites you to immerse yourself in distinctive cinema year-round through free or discounted access to film series, premiere engagements, opening nights and special events. In addition, your membership provides the Roxie with the critical support we need to keep bringing you the best in independent cinema – and because the Roxie is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your membership is fully or partially tax deductible. Don’t miss out – purchase one today!

Prices as of July 1st, 2019

Student/ Low-income Senior Fan ($45): Single
Fan ($90 / $160): Single / Dual
Patron ($325 / $600): Single / Dual
Angel ($650 / $1,200): Single / Dual

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We couldn’t do all this without you! Members like you help us to offset ongoing operating costs and keep the Roxie and independent film a vibrant part of San Francisco. Your membership means that the Roxie Theater can continue to foster a supportive community for the exhibition of unique film programming.

If you have any questions about membership or renewing your support please don’t hesitate to contact us at 415-431-3611 or [email protected].