MAD GOD – Background

“And yet the film is so beautifully realized: every shot, a brutal work of art. The animation employs so many techniques, from puppetry to stop motion, live action (Repo Man director Alex Cox appears as a curly fingernailed mastermind) to digital as to present an exhaustive compendium of the art.”- Sight & Sound

A living legend in his field, Phil Tippett’s work has featured in films such as  JURASSIC PARK, INDIAN JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM, JURASSIC PARK, ROBOCOP, HOWARD THE DUCK, AND HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS, to name but a few.

Tippett began work on the project following his stint on RoboCop in 1988 but had put the project on the backburner by the time he was creating special effects for 1993’s Jurassic Park.

Decades after the success of Tippett Studio forced production into stasis, a group of animators at Tippett Studio came upon boxes of shelved props and puppets. After viewing the original footage, they convinced Phil to resurrect the project. The small group began volunteering their weekends to MAD GOD, and before long it had snowballed into a crew of more than 60 artists. A wildly successful KickStarter campaign provided funding for materials and equipment.

“Aficionados of this nearly extinct form of special effects will relish the chance to see a labor of love whose roots go back to circa 1987”.
Hollywood Reporter

June 17 – 30. BUY NOW!.

“… undoubtedly a work of historic significance, made by a master in his field… ”
– Leslie Felperin, The  Guardian

the disturbing face of a doll in a state of deterioration

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