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Amidst the bustling maze of life in present day Kathmandu, a worldly, young Tibetan man TENZIN brazenly enters an abandoned, sacred temple of the Goddess Kali declaring this to be the ideal place to house his new business venture. Having borrowed his mother’s life savings as funding for the venture Tenzin is fully immersed in his plans to create Nepal’s best cafe. But when Tenzin is struck by a dream like vision of a girl moving through a vast ocean of red flowers Tenzin’s friend JACHUNG fears it’s a sign of impending death. On the advice of a great sage a skeptical Tenzin must seek out a very special woman – a “dakini” who may have a moustache, fangs and a third eye.

Khyentse Norbu — the Bhutanese director of the 1999 art house hit The Cup —brings his experience as a Buddhist lama to bear on Looking for a Lady with Fangs and a Moustache. In this film, his fourth feature, he explores the tensions between capitalism and traditionalism that roil in a time when religion may be as commodified as a kitschy curio. But what emerges in Tenzin’s atmospheric music, and in the trancelike cinematography of Mark Lee Ping-bing (In the Mood for Love), is the need to cut through these distractions to truly reconnect with life’s fundamentals.

Written and directed by Khyentse Norbu. Mexico, Nepal, Singapore. 2021. 113 min.

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