Lavine on the Lam


A Special Roxie Film Noir Tribute to the Legendary Elliot Lavine

December 4th, 2016

He’s moving to Portland in early 2017, where he’ll bring his unique perspective on all things noir to that fair city (with festivals already in the works there…can you say road trip?). Their gain is our loss.

But before that happens, please join us at the Roxie to give Elliot Lavine–legendary programmer, wisecracking raconteur and a man who’s proudly completed a 12-step program weaning him off Kit-Kat candy bars–the type of rousing tribute that can happen only in San Francisco.

Four great films–two of Elliot’s personal faves (DETOUR and THE BIG COMBO), preceded by the screening of the type of ultra-rare “B” noir he specialized in finding (I WOULDN’T BE IN YOUR SHOES, from the twisted mind of December 4th birthday boy Cornell Woolrich), and concluding with the all-time Roxie fave neo-noir THE WOMAN CHASER are guaranteed to get you through the Xmas season with a noir fix that won’t falter ’til well after New Years Day!

And we’ve left an hour in the middle so that those in attendance, along with special guests, can give Elliot a final piece of their mind in gratitude for his incredible 25-year contribution to Bay Area cinema. We wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the person who tries to replace Mr. Lavine in the minds and hearts of San Francisco cinephiles!

So join us as we send Elliot off to his getaway car with a smile on his face! Get down & dirty with him one more time, in the place where it all started, with the man who made noir programming an art form in itself…don’t miss it!!

Full program pass available – all four films for $30!
Passes sold out online, a few will be available at the Box Office on Sunday! Individual tickets still available online until 15 minutes before showtime!

3:00pm matinee ($8)
I WOULDN’T BE IN YOUR SHOES (1948, William Nigh)
Individual Tickets Available Now!

4:30pm Two personal favorites of Elliot Lavine, who shall be mercilessly roasted  in the middle ($15)
“Lavine on the Lam” tributes from friends, colleagues and fans!
DETOUR (1945, Edgar G. Ulmer, 67 mins)
“Lavine on the Lam” tributes from friends, colleagues and fans!
THE BIG COMBO (1955, Joseph H. Lewis, 87 mins.)
Individual Tickets Available Now!

8:30pm Special Lavine sendoff screening! ($12)
THE WOMAN CHASER (1999, Robinson Devor, 35mm)
Individual Tickets Available Now!