Joe Dante’s Films in Films

Sure, we love Joe Dante’s GREMLINS movies, INNERSPACE and SMALL SOLDIERS. But July 1st and July 2nd, we take a look at another side of Joe Dante’s career – his films within films. Whether the mega mash-up THE MOVIE ORGY, consisting entirely of the juxtaposition of clips, ads and short films, his cartoonishly creepy and outlandishly brilliant segment of TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE, MATINEE, which features his film-within-the-film MANT!, or his many hilarious skits in AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON, we think the films Joe Dante made that are found nestled in other films are some of the best he has to offer.


7/1, 4pm. Four and a half hours long! Joe Dante in person!

Joe Dante created this epic movie mash-up, comprised entirely of clips, trailers, ads, and some other curious celluloid, in 1968. Originally the ORGY was 7 hours long, but just 4.5 hours remain, and we’re going to show everything we can!

Read more about THE MOVIE ORGY at or on F! This Movie… or just show up and enjoy the experience. THE MOVIE ORGY is free for all members, or free with the purchase of three drink tickets for our regular guests! (Drink tickets are good for sodas, coffee, tea… or for our guests 21+, Olympia beer.)

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7/1, 9:30pm. 101 minutes, in 35mm! Joe Dante in person!

With high-powered directors Joe Dante (GREMLINS), George Miller (the MAD MAX series), Stephen Spielberg and John Landis at the helm, this collection of four classic stories from the Twilight Zone TV show were eerily adapted into one of the greatest sci-fi/horror anthologies of the 1980s!

Joe Dante’s segment “It’s a Good Life” is not only delightfully chilling, it features some of the greatest art direction and phantasmagoric creature design ever seen on the big screen, with nods to German Expressionism, spooky cartoons, and, of course, The Twilight Zone.

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7/2, 2pm. 99 minutes, in 35mm! In-person introduction by Joe Dante!

What better way to spend a Sunday in July than with a special matinee of MATINEE in 35mm? Joe Dante’s hilarious ode to low-budget filmmaking and good old fashioned showmanship features both a killer performance by John Goodman and Dante’s film-within-the-film MANT!

In October 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis occurs and the menace of nuclear war looms over the American South. Low-budget filmmaker Lawrence Woolsey (John Goodman) is in Key West, Fla., debuting his new film “MANT!” and thinks the prevailing mood of fear surrounding the premiere is perfect to stir up some excitement. A group of local teenagers (Simon Fenton, Lisa Jakub, Kellie Martin) prepare for the film’s opening night, experiencing small crises of their own.

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7/2, 6:30pm. 85 minutes, in 35mm!

The spiritual sequel to KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, featuring short films from KFM’s John Landis as well as Joe Dante and Carl Gottlieb, AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON is a series of uproarious parodies of B-movies, late-nite television, movie review shows, and so much more!

Dante directed the hilarious segments “Hairlooming,” “Bullshit or Not,” “Critic’s Corner” and a hilarious spoof featuring Carrie Fisher and Paul Bartel of films like REEFER MADNESS!

Not given its due upon its release, AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON remains a wonderfully brilliant and genuinely laugh-out-loud comedy today. Don’t miss it in a rare 35mm engagement!

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