“Resolutely life-affirming and unexpectedly universal” – Michael Fox, KQED Arts

A black and white photo of a open-topped car full of children.

In 1906, Irmi Selver was born into a comfortable Jewish family in Chemnitz, Germany, where she grew up, married and began her own family. Nothing prepared her for the upheavals and tragedy that were in store for her, or for the many times she would have to start her life over on unfamiliar ground.  

IRMI is a deeply personal film made by her daughter Veronica Selver, Bay Area filmmaker (Word Is Out; KPFA On The Air), and New York Filmmaker, Susan Fanshel.  It explores the way in which unexpected events and chance encounters can both shape a life and reveal its true nature. Using Irmi’s own memoir—beautifully read by the actress, Hanna Schygulla and with a richly emotional score by composer, Todd Boekelheide featuring Sarah Cahill on piano, IRMI takes us on her unique journey. It is a portrait of a woman whose strength, resilience and perhaps most stunningly, whose joie de vivre could not be vanquished even in the face of unimaginable loss.