Czech That Film 2018

From provocative premieres to award-winning masterpieces, the Czech That Film festival features the best of contemporary Czech cinema. Join us in celebrating its 7th year at the Roxie!

Friday, April 20
The Quartette, 7pm

Saturday, April 21
Ice Mother, 5pm & 7:15pm

Sunday, April 22
Barefoot, 2:30pm
Accumulator 1, w/ actress Edita Brychtová, 5pm


Friday, April 20
The Quartette (Kvarteto), 7pm

“It’s a universal story of the search for happiness played with rueful melancholy, brilliant understatement,  and a wise and humorous attitude towards sex.”~ 2018 Palm Springs International Film Festival.Gathering around one table every evening like a family, the members of a string quartet rehearse for another concert. The somewhat incongruous foursome consists of the attractive cello player Simona, her “mommy dependent” boyfriend Robert, the show off – Tomáš, and an aging history expert nicknamed Funés. An awkward misunderstanding and sexual tensions put the fate of the quartet at risk. Will they be able to continue as a group or will they go their separate ways?

Director: Miroslav Krobot. Cast: Barbora Poláková, Jaroslav Plesl, Lukáš Melník, Zdeněk Julina, Pavlína Štorková. 2017. 93 minutes.

Tickets for The Quartette available here.

Saturday, April 21
Ice Mother (Bába z ledu), 5pm & 7:15pm

Is it possible to break out of one’s routine and head into a new direction late in life? Sixty-year-old Hana is unexpectedly given the impulse to do just that when she meets her contemporary Broňa. He encourages her to take up physical conditioning, especially swimming. Hana’s grown-up sons have been brazenly abusing her generosity for years. They feel that their mother’s new friend could jeopardize their power position. The prospect of a new romance with a hardy nonconformist, who arrives at a family lunch with a hen friend called Adele, finally goads Hana into changing the established order. In his new tragicomedy, director Bohdan Sláma continues to examine familiar themes – broken family relationships, the quest for love and happiness, and the characters’ ability to transform their lives. Ice Mother received the best screenplay award at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Czech candidate for the 2018 Academy Awards.

Director: Bohdan Sláma. Cast: Zuzana Krónerová, Pavel Nový, Daniel Vízek, Václav Neužil ml., Tatiana Vilhelmová, Petra Špalková. 2017. 106 minutes.

Tickets for Ice Mother at 5pm available here.

Tickets for Ice Mother at 7:15pm available here.


Sunday, April 22
Barefoot (Po strništi bos), 2:30pm

Set in Czechoslovakia during the Nazi occupation, a young boy named Eda opens up a world of trouble when he inadvertently reveals that his father has been listening to resistance broadcasts from London. As a result, the Nazi requisition their apartment, and they are forced into exile in the countryside. Shot from the perspective of the 8-year-old boy, Eda finds his own adventures and discovers a new crop of friends during the extraordinary times. Along the way, Eda’s innocent perspective of the world contrasts with the shadow of World War II weighing heavily upon the country.

Director: Jan Svěrák. Screenplay: Jan Svěrák, Zdeněk Svěrák. Cast: Ondřej Vetchý, Tereza Voříšková, Alois Grec, Jan Tříska, Viera Pavlíková, Oldřich Kaiser. 2017. 111 minutes.

Tickets for Barefoot available here.

Sunday, April 22
Accumulator 1 (Akumulátor 1), 5pm
Actress Edita Brychtová IN PERSON for Q&A after the film!

In this sci-fi drama, Olda suffers from a total lack of energy and falls into a coma. A natural healer tries to rejuvenate him. In doing so, he learns that Olda has an “alter ego” inside the TV that sucks the energy from Olda every time he tunes in. Can Olda resist watching TV and live a more fulfilling life in the real world, or will the television world take over? The film won a Czech Lion Award for Best Editing and was the most popular film in the Czech Republic in 1994.

Director: Jan Svěrák. Cast: Petr Forman, Edita Brychtová, Zdeněk Svěrák, Boleslav Polívka, Věra Křesadlová. Screenplay: Zdeněk Svěrák, Jan Svěrák, Jan Slovák. 1994. 111 minutes.

Tickets for Accumulator 1 available here.


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The annual Czech film festival titled “Czech That Film” has been established in 2012. Currently, it is the largest Czech cultural event in the United States. It is a film festival of best recent Czech films held throughout the United States every year, with a range of screenings and discussion with cast and crew. The four-month-long festival keeps growing every year. Its sixth edition will reach 15 major US and Canadian cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Austin, Washington, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, New York City, Little Rock, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto) in 2017.