COVEN FILM FESTIVAL – Winter Series 2021

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The COVEN Film Festival is devoted to films by emerging women and non-binary filmmakers from the San Francisco Bay Area & around the world.

MARCH 19-21, 2021


Feature Spotlight

Foreign Puzzle by Chithra Jeyaram

Foreign Puzzle is an intimate documentary that captures the journey of an inspiring Mexican American dancer as she communicates the impermanence of life through dance while juggling the roles of a recently divorced parent of a 6-year-old, a choreographer and a primary school teacher amidst intensive treatments for breast cancer.  110 mins.


Shorts Block

DAME by Foster Wilson

A lost and grieving Elizabeth Taylor returns to work after the tragic death of her husband Mike Todd and courageously delivers one of the greatest performances of her life.

SINGLE by Ashley Eakin

A girl born with one arm gets set up with a guy who has one hand – and she is pissed.

IN HOLLYWOODLAND by Jessica Sherif

A dark fantasy short film that follows Zodwa, a struggling actress, as she heads to an exciting, once-in-a lifetime audition and lands in a strange place reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s most famous work.

DETACH by Frankie Ingrassia

Denied a girls’ night out, Sophia, a teenage influencer, pushes the limits of the mother-daughter relationship as she attempts to DETACH.

EGG PARTY by Kersti Bryan

Six women in their late-thirties gather, with lots of wine and laughter, to dye Easter eggs. Through a series of whimsical portraits we discover each woman’s view on her respective egg, lost dreams, and new beginnings.

BLACKNESS by Khorshid Alami and Negar Najafzadeh

World Premiere

A little girl is waiting for her grandmother to come after a long time but when the grandmother comes she is not like what she imagined.

ANOTHER WORLD by Esther Maloney

Combining poetic narration, illustrated animations and live action footage, a mother speaks to her son about the boat he’s been on sinking, and the courage he’ll need to build ‘another world’, characterized by justice, and love.

CHAMPAGNE by Elizabeth Schiffler

Champagne explores the experiences of a young chef striving to succeed in her career, stuck somewhere between finding her own way and learning how (and when) to ask for help when she needs it.

Total Run Time: 90 mins.


The COVEN Film Festival is devoted to films by women and non-binary filmmakers from the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. By spotlighting these under-represented voices, we aim to tell and amplify their stories to new audiences and the filmmaking community.

This event spotlights women and non-binary storytellers, and recognizes that not every person is young, white, middle-class, cisgender, or able-bodied. Our mission is to amplify these stories—emphasizing indigenous, differently-abled and people of color—told by women or non-binary creators.