CINEOLA is a platform for Latin American stories, connecting audiences with diverse representations of Latinoamérica on film.

Co-presented by the Bay Area Video Coalition, the festival will be available online across the US on Seed&Spark. Proceeds will benefit local San Francisco venues The Roxie and Artists’ Television Access, as well as CARECEN SF, a non-profit supporting Latino, immigrant, and under-resourced families in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The program includes two blocks of documentary short films showcasing filmmakers from across Latin America, representing a variety of realities from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil.

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Available online June 6-12, 2020

Live filmmaker Q&A (‘Recordar’ shorts block) with guest moderator: Colin Trevorrow. Thursday, June 11th, 12pm PT / 3pm ET

The Recordar program includes:

Verde Olivo

Teresa (80) a cuban militant fixes her TV to see the visit of Barack Obama in Cuba. She shares her reflections and memories about the relations between Cuba and the USA. This historical moment brings her to remember her life as a militant.

Director: Celina Escher. CUBA. 2017


A millennial tree that once birthed Yosonuviko, the village of the clouds, comes back into collective memory to the locals through the ancient language of rain, Sa’an Savi, to remind them of their feeble human condition among nature’s immensity.

Director: Nicolás Rojas Sánchez. MEXICO. 2019


Shows the life of Victoria, a transgender woman, who lives in a small town in the center of Honduras and her struggles towards acceptance.

Director: William Reyes. HONDURAS. 2019

La Bala de Sandoval 

Isidro meanders through the rainforest while he and his brother remember the times he found himself face to face with death itself.

Director: Jean-Jacques Martinod. ECUADOR. 2019


Moraima Simarra, through the death of her father Guillermo, will immerse us in the Lumbalú, a funeral ritual that takes place in San Basilio de Palenque, the first slave town in America that fought for freedom, exposing the way to transcend the most there with the help of music, singing, dancing, and prayers.

Director: Sara Lucia Betancur Montoya. COLOMBIA. 2018

Total duration: 72 mins

Price: $8.00 (35% of proceeds support The Roxie)

Rental Period: Only available on June 6 thru 12

Resistir program available here