CINEOLA is a platform for Latin American stories, connecting audiences with diverse representations of Latinoamérica on film.

Co-presented by the Bay Area Video Coalition, the festival will be available online across the US on Seed&Spark. Proceeds will benefit local San Francisco venues The Roxie and Artists’ Television Access, as well as CARECEN SF, a non-profit supporting Latino, immigrant, and under-resourced families in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The program includes two blocks of documentary short films showcasing filmmakers from across Latin America, representing a variety of realities from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil.

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Available online June 6-12, 2020

Live filmmaker Q&A (‘Resistir’ shorts block) with guest moderator: Carlos Aguilar. Wednesday, June 10th; 12pm PT / 3pm ET

The Resistir program includes:

La Pesca

‘La Pesca’ portrays a day in the life of a family of fishermen, los Cantillo, inhabitants of the ancestral Caribbean town of Taganga, on the Colombian Caribbean coast. With poetry and sensorial richness, the film captures the gestures of these men, weaving nets, cooking under the intense midday sun, and playing dominoes, all the while waiting for the fish to come so that they can recommence anew.

Director: Fernando López Escriva, Pablo Alvarez Mesa. COLUMBIA. 2017.

The Breadmaker

In the midst of Venezuela’s spiralling economic crisis, Natalia and fellow members of a Chavista collective have stepped in to take over production at a local bakery, La Minka.

Director: Susy Peña. VENEZUELA. 2019.

Estamos, Que Es Ganancia

Rafael (Tio Lape) and Joel live in Santiago, Tuxtla, a town in the state of Veracruz, México that has been affected by the war on drugs. They have found a way to remain alive, through their music: Son Jarocho. Building community, thus combating the fear, violence and sadness that entails continuing this way of life.

Director: Viviana Zuñiga. MEXICO. 2018

Hazte Sentir

In the middle of the Amazon, in the Brazilian city of Manaus, sits Casa Miga. The first and only LGBTIQ+ refugee centre in Latin America. This collaborative film tells the story of 3 Venezuelans building a new life in this jungle metropolis.

Director: Dieter Deswarte and the residents of Casa Miga. BRAZIL. 2019

Total duration: 81 mins.

Price: $8.00 (35% of proceeds support The Roxie)

Rental Period: Only available on June 6 thru 12

Recordar program available here