A Zed And Two Noughts (35mm)

January 15 only

Roxie’s January Staff Pick brought to you by Scott Kindberg!

Regarded by many as a masterpiece of modern cinema, don’t miss your chance to see Peter Greenaway’s beautifully disturbing and darkly humorous film on rare 35mm. A ZED AND TWO NOUGHTS follows the unlikely story of twin zoologists who lose their wives in a freak car accident and become obsessed with decomposing animals. In Greenaway’s follow-up to the acclaimed THE DRAUGHTSMAN’S CONTRACT, he intensifies his striking visual style to create a film that is full of surprises and magnificent conundrums.

In Scott’s words, “When asked for a staff pick I excitedly selected one quickly off the top of my head instead of referring to the multiple lists I had made previously to prepare for this occasion. In the time since submitting A Zed And Two Noughts I had realized many more films I would have picked. But this beautiful looking, ode to loss and obsession has stuck with me, in the back of my mind, since seeing it for the first and only time years ago. Very few films have had such a lasting impression on me from just a single viewing. It feels like a subconscious pick, and a great one at that.”

Thanks Scott for your subconscious staff pick!! 

“An enjoyably decadent, ridiculously convoluted thingamajig.” – Village Voice


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