March 31 only

MiDNiTES FOR MANiACS presents:

“The Truth is Out There” 35mm Double Bill
Hosted by Jesse Hawthorne Ficks

7:00pm THE X-FiLES: FiGHT THE FUTURE (1998) – 20th Anniversary in 35mm

Come celebrate the first 35mm screening in 20 years of Chris Carter’s big screen entry for one of the greatest TV shows of the 1990s. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson both shine as as Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they attempt to uncover an Alien colonization on earth. The perfect place to start for audiences who have never watched the series and a major achievement for fans of the show, this dark and moody Sci-Fi/Neo-Noir is a haunting experience, in the spirit of David Lynch’s TWiN PEAKS: FiRE WALK WiTH ME. With the return (and conclusion) of spectacular season 11, X-FiLES fans have reason to rejoice; and what better way than with a pristine Widescreen 35mm print! Rated PG-13. 121 minutes. Preceded by other Alien Abduction 35mm trailers.

9:20pm CONTACT (1997) – 20th Anniversary in 35mm

Robert Zemeckis’ epic adaptation of Carl Sagan’s book CONTACT is arguably one of the greatest science fiction films ever made. Taking nearly 20 years to get produced, this emotional roller coaster combines the truest science and the deepest beliefs into the depths of space. Jodie Foster gives a(nother) career defining performance as Dr. Ellie Arroway, a SETI scientist who is determined to uncover the truth and prove that extraterrestrial life exists. Incorporating eight different VFX companies, the grand scale of this existential masterpiece is on par with Steven Spielberg’s CLOSE ENCOUNTER OFTHE THiRD KiND and clearly inspired Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR and Alfonso Cuarón’s GRAViTY. Throw in some stunning performances by Matthew McConaughey, John Hurt, Tom Skerritt, William Fichtner, Jake Busey and Angela Bassett, and you won’t want to miss this RARE Widescreen 35mm presentation. Rated PG. 149 minutes.


THE X-FiLES: FiGHT THE FUTURE (35mm) + CONTACT (35mm): Upcoming Showtimes