First show: July 09

New 4K digital restoration, supervised by director Lizzie Borden

IN PERSON: filmmaker Lizzie Borden in conversation with artist, author, filmmaker & sex workers’ rights activist, Carol Leigh, a.k.a. The Scarlet Harlot, Friday, July 9!

“Costs and benefits make up the calculus of survival, and WORKING GIRLS is all about keeping track of the ever-changing tally…” – Erika Balsom, 4Columns.

Co-Presented by St. James Infirmary!
A woman holding what might be a riding stick, dressed in revealing laundry with her back turned to us sits on a bed between the legs of another who just might be naked in Lizzie Borden's WORKING GIRLS

“I wanted to place prostitution solidly in the context of work as opposed to sex, since for prostitutes it is not about sex at all. Prostitution is a business transaction, pure and simple, between prostitute and the john.”
– Lizzie Borden.

Sex work is portrayed with radical nonjudgment in Lizzie Borden’s immersive, richly detailed look at the rhythms and rituals of society’s most stigmatized profession. Inspired by the experiences of the sex workers Borden met while making her underground feminist landmark BORN IN FLAMES, WORKING GIRLS  reveals the textures of a day in the life of Molly (Louise Smith), a photographer working part-time in a Manhattan brothel, as she juggles a steady stream of clients, balances relationships with her coworkers with the demands of an ambitious madam, and above all fights to maintain her sense of self in a business in which the line between the personal and the professional is all too easily blurred. In viewing prostitution through the lens of labor, Borden boldly desensationalizes the subject, offering an empathetic, humanizing, often humorous depiction of women for whom this work is just another day at the office.

Written, directed & produced by Lizzie Borden. Featuring Louise Smith, Ellen McElduff, Amanda Goodwin, Marusia Zach, Janne Peteres and Helen Nicholas. United States. 1986. DCP. 93 min.

Co-Presented by St. James Infirmary!

St. James Infirmary is a peer-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization serving Sex Workers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We are the first occupational health and safety clinic in the U.S. run by Sex Workers for Sex Workers!



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