We There

March 24 only

Q&A In Person with co-directors Maria Breaux and Rena Marie Guidry, plus actors from the original film!

In March 2007, 17-year-old Antwanisha Morgan was shot and killed by a bullet meant for the friend standing next to her. The entire Bayview-Hunters Point community went into mourning. The members of her drama therapy group were shocked, devastated, and angered. The all-female group, “Too Much Drama 4 Yo Mama,” had been meeting since September 2006. In January 2007, they were joined by several male participants, and the name was changed to “Too Much Drama 4 Yo Mama…An’ Yo Daddy!”. After Antwanisha’s death, the focus dramatically shifted, and in just two weeks the group rewrote the performance they’d been working on for three months. Instead, they created a stage piece processing the death of their friend—the resulting show, performed at the Bayview Opera House, was dedicated to Antwanisha and included skits of their memories of her, as well as monologues, raps, and dance performances expressing their grief.

Determined to create an additional work designed for the screen and inspired entirely by the real experiences faced by group members, “Too Much Drama” created a short film, WE THERE. The title has a two-fold meaning: Not only is it a response to a party invite, but it’s also a somber reminder: You may have heard and read about those living in a dangerous neighborhood “out there,” but this is their day-to-day existence. Now, 11 years after a sold-out screening at the Roxie Theater, the cast and crew are reuniting to review their original work, check in with each other, and share how their lives have unfolded since the making of their collaborative film project.

Directed by Maria Breaux and Rena Marie Guidry. USA. 2019. 36 min.

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