WE ARE AS GODS – a film about Stewart Brand

First show: August 12

Director Jason Sussberg & Stewart Brand
in conversation with Tamara Winter, editor of Stripe Press after the August 12th, 6:45 show!!!
Director director Jason Sussberg to intro the 9:20 show!

Co-presented by The Long Now Foundation
Stewart Brand at Whole Earth Truckstore, Circa 1968

WE ARE AS GODS offers a deep dive into the many sides of Stewart Brand—creator of The Whole Earth Catalog, an influential member of Ken Kesey’s “The Merry Pranksters,” and founder of the modern environmental movement. Brand’s approach to his work and life influenced many, including Steve Jobs, who have gone on to shape our modern world. Now in his 80’s, he looks to leave a legacy for the long-term future with his efforts to resurrect ecosystems through de-extinction.

The man who coined the phrase “we are as gods and might as well get good at it” is now under fire from former allies who believe he’s gone too far, but Brand won’t be easily deterred from a mission he feels is necessary to save the future of the planet.

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Directed by David Alvarado & Jason Sussberg. With Stewart Brand, Mike Brand,  Rusty Schweickart,  George Church, Peter Coyote, Paul Ehrlich, Brian Eno & Carolyn Garcia.  Music by Brian Eno. Executive Producers: Henry S. Rosenthal, Everett Katigbak & Matt Winkler. USA. In English. 2021. DCP. 94 minutes.

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