Julie’s cool, Randy’s hot. She’s from the Valley, he’s like so not! Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman star in this “sweet, fast, funny” romance that mixes preppies, punk rockers and a hit-filled soundtrack.

Lovely teen Julie Richman (Deborah Foreman) is steeped in the excessive, pink-clad culture of the San Fernando Valley, complete with her narcissistic boyfriend, Tommy (Michael Bowen). At a party, however, Julie falls for an edgy Hollywood punk named Randy (Nicolas Cage), and the two begin an unlikely romance. Torn between fitting in with her superficial friends and embracing a more non-conformist lifestyle, Julie ultimately has to decide to stay with Tommy or take a risk with Randy.

Directed by Martha Coolidge. With Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman. 1983. 95 minutes. 35mm print courtesy of Carl Martin.

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