Up The Awards Benefit Bash 2020!

February 09 only

Beer. Snacks. Ballots & Attitude. Up the Awards is back, and it’s commercial-free!

The crowd-pleasing, bargain basement broadcast of Hollywood’s annual attempt to bark you back into multiplexes by giving shiny statues to prestige pictures. The Roxie’s resident curator of film, video and digital recklessness, Stev Sechovec, has been digging deep in order to bathe the big screen with his latest discoveries of curiously captivating shorts, twisted music videos, intriguingly perplexing film clips and generally hilarious cinematic detritus, rendering the entire evening blessedly commercial-free!

Your $16 donation goes directly to the operations of our independent, nonprofit, historic theater. This event is not sponsored by or affiliated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Many thanks to ABC 7 for their support.

Doors open at 3:30 so you can get settled before the Red Carpet March of Shame.

Oscar® Awards Contest: Win Free Movies and Popcorn at the Roxie for a Year!

Let’s make things interesting. The person who most accurately divines the twisted logic of The Academy will win a free Patron Membership to your Roxie Theater. Ballots must be turned in before the the first award is announced. The winner will be contacted the following week. Good luck!




Please do drop in and amply avail yourself of the tasty Middle-Eastern treats awaiting you at this year’s Awards Sponsor & provider of the platters of pleasure you will be scarfing down, Truly Mediterranean.  Tell Omar: “The Roxie sent you!”








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