Ticino in Film: MONTE VERITÀ & ATLAS

October 18 only

Presented by The Consulate General of Switzerland

Monte Verità

1906: A time of upheaval. Society is marked by fear and hope. The first dropouts – among whom is the young Herman Hesse – search for their paradise and find it in southern Switzerland, at Monte Verità. The reformers shed not only their clothes but also the mental corset that threatens to strangle society. The young mother, Hanna Leitner, is also drawn to Ascona to escape her noble life. Torn between feelings of guilt toward the family she left behind and the fascination of a life of self-determination, Hanna not only discovers her passion for the art of photography but also finds – in the middle of the idyllic landscape – her own voice.

MONTE VERITÀ tells the story of a brave woman, who, tortured by her inner conflict, finds her own way. The historical drama, based on true events, gives rise to the – unfortunately still very current – question of how much self-determination a woman is allowed to have in her life without being criticized by society.

2022. 116 min. Directed by Stefan Jäger.


Allegra is a lively young woman with a passion for high  mountain climbing. She decides to travel to Morocco to reach the top of the Atlas, but her trip ends abruptly when a man detonates a bomb in a coffee shop and her three friends die in the attack. Unable to overcome the trauma months later she returns to her city, where the encounter with Arad, a young Muslim refugee, forced her to confront her perception of reality, her  fears and heal her profound interior wounds.

2021. 88 min. Directed by Niccolò Castelli.


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