THE QUAY BROTHERS on 35MM: Curated by Christopher Nolan

First show: December 11

Opens Friday, December 11

Quay2Featuring IN ABSENTIA, THE COMB, STREET OF CROCODILES and the world premiere of Christopher Nolan’s QUAY. In all new 35mm prints!

Quay1“American identical twins working in London, stop motion animators Stephen and Timothy Quay (born 1947 in Norristown, Pennsylvania) find their inspiration in Eastern European literature and classical music and art, their work distinguished by its dark humor and an uncanny feeling for color and texture. Masters of miniaturization, they turn their tiny sets into unforgettable worlds suggestive of long-repressed childhood dreams. These three Quay masterworks, selected by director Christopher Nolan, feature broken pencils and lead shavings in IN ABSENTIA (2000; “a dazzling piece of work” – The Guardian); a porcelain doll’s explorations of a Quay4dreamer’s imagination in THE COMB (1991; “most beautiful of their recent films” – The New Yorker); and the nightmarish netherworld of STREET OF CROCODILES (1986; “their crowning achievement” – Film Comment); and for the first time ever, QUAY (2015), Nolan’s new short film revealing the inner workings of the Brothers’ studio. All four films in 35mm.” –Film Forum.  Year: 1986-2015 Origin: UK/USA. Color and B&W Approx. 70 mins. All four films in 35mm.


The Quay Twins: Spinning Magic From Marginalia – Christopher Nolan, NY Times


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