First show: November 02

Q&A with co-creator Maureen Gosling (11/2) and producers Donald Goldmacher and Jed Riffe (11/3 and 11/4)


THE LONG SHADOW follows two white Southern filmmakers, haunted by their families’ slave-owning pasts, as they travel the roads of oppression and suppression from New Orleans to Virginia, Mississippi and Canada, to reveal the connections of slavery and Jim Crow to the current racial strife in America. Frances Causey and Sally Holst grew up in a time and place when white superiority was rarely questioned, and challenging this norm was often met with deadly consequences. Rejecting the oft-told, romanticized version of early U.S. history, they embarked on a journey that goes beyond their personal stories to expose hidden truths and the untold stories of how America — guided by the South’s powerful political influence — steadily, deliberately and at times secretly, established white privilege in our institutions, laws, culture and economy.

The film is a disturbing story about the lingering human cost of ignorance, intolerance and inaction in the US, casting a long shadow over our national identity and imperfect democracy.

Directed by Frances Causey. 90 minutes. Official Selection of the 2017 Mill Valley Festival.

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