The Fall (Staff Pick!)

December 22 only

“There is something transgressive about how it blurs the categories of pop & art… it takes its place among an elite category of cinema: a careful artwork that doesn’t advertise its own gravitas. Perhaps that’s the definition of a cult classic.” – Will Lasky, Slant

A man in a black, wide-brimmed hat & a black, gold-laced, sleeveless shirt with is right hand raised, smeared with red, in the shape of a gun, in front of a red background.

Rick is ever so curious as to what you will make of the entirely CGI-free, hyper-real, Dali-like dreamscapes that visionary director/ producer Tarsem Singh gathered from the natural world.

An Indian-American director, known for his work on music videos, TV commercials, and some truly terrifying imagery in movies such as THE CELL, THE FALL is easily Tarsem’s most ambitious undertaking, in which he spent 17 years to scout locations in 24 countries, and then another four years to get it all in the can. Needless to say, he was obliged to finance this cinematic folly on this own. Rick, David Fincher & Spike Jonze would like to thank him for doing so, right here and now. Who’s with us?

At the center of this rapturous fever dream of a film is a child listening to a story. She is a 5-year-old immigrant girl in the hospital with a broken arm after falling from a tree while picking oranges. Set at a Los Angeles hospital in the 1920s,  the child befriends a silent-movie stuntman with paralyzed legs and a broken heart. In exchange for undercover deliveries of morphine, he spins her a tale. That story involves a band of five heroes led by the Black Bandit, a princely African slave, a swami, an explosives expert, and the naturalist Charles Darwin, all tilting at an evil Governor Odious who has imprisoned them.

“Tarsem has found a home for his endlessly unique visions, and (wouldn’t you know?) it’s beyond artifice and stealing toward art”. – Austin Chronicle

Directed by Tarsem Singh. Written by Dan Gilroy, Nico Soultanakis & Tarsem Singh, based on a screenplay for the 1981 Bulgarian film YO HO YO by Valeri Petrov. With Lee Pace, Marcus Wesley, Julian Bleach, Robin Smith, Leo Bill, Daniel Caltagirone, and introducing Catinca Untaru as Alexandria. Costume Design: Eiko Ishioka. Production Design by Ged Clarke. Cinematography: Colin Watkinson. 35mm.




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