The 2nd Annual NY Cat Film Festival

February 16 only

Exploring the mystique of the fascinating felines who share our lives

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Philosopher cats, performing cats, and a heart-stealing animated kitten! The NY Cat Film Festival™ is an exploration through film of the fascinating felines who share our lives, creating a shared audience experience that inspires, educates and entertains.  For far too long, felines have been the “invisible” part of the human-animal bond and it’s time to shine the spotlight on these magnificent creatures and the humans devoted to them.

The annual NY Cat Film Festival™ will enhance our appreciation and understanding of who cats share our world, while benefiting local animal welfare groups and saluting those who work and volunteer on their behalf.

Program 1: Cats Rule – 3pm

CAT ANATOMY Kimberly Best explores the nicknames children assign to various parts of the cat

MARNIE: THE CAT GURU Anca Vlasan’s philosophical tabby cat expounds on the meaning of life and happiness

ELVIS CAT: THE STRAY CROONER Jessi Almstead’s puppet mockumentary

CAT NATION: A Film About Japan’s Crazy Cat Culture  Tim Delmastro’s documentary about Japan’s extraordinary love of kitty cats

INSTAGRAM CAT MOM Jess Spawn’s mockumentary takes us behind the scenes on the lengths people might go to for the purrfect photo to post online

SAMANTHA AND THE ROCK CATS Jacob Feiring’s documentary follows a woman who travels the country with her cat show

OFF FOR THE WEEKEND Brittany Severance’s funny story of a young woman’s challenges proving her independence from her mother with a weekend of pet-sitting-gone-wrong

THE PET EFFECT A hilarious “advertisement” for the human-animal bond

Program 2: Feral Love – 5 pm

ART’S AUTOMOTIVE Erik Dumas’ animated tale of an orphaned kitten who bonds with an automotive repair robot in the future

FERAL LOVE Markie Hancock’s engaging documentary about Dorian Rence, who appears to be a stereotypical “crazy cat lady,” devoted for a decade to caring for a feral cat colony in Riverside Park in NYC, bringing them food and shelter in all weather and personal challenges. But it turns out Dorian has another devotion in addition to her cherished felines: she also plays the viola – specifically with the New York Philharmonic, for over 40 years!

NOTE FILMS START RIGHT AT THE LISTED SHOWTIME. Roxie Theater trailers play during the 30 minutes prior to showtime.



The 2nd Annual NY Cat Film Festival: Upcoming Showtimes