November 13 only

The documentary screening will be followed by a discussion featuring Lexie Lenae Nelson; Environmentalist, farmer and STEM educator, who will speak about the environment, politics, and what we can do to ensure that generations to come can benefit from the natural beauty of places like the Tarkine.

All profits go back to the Bob Brown Foundation to help protect wild and scenic natural places.

In April 2015, over 70 photographers, filmmakers, musicians and artists journeyed into the Tarkine to document and interpret its wild, scenic beauty as never before. From that weekend comes this stunning 55-minute documentary portrait of this threatened wilderness and the creative minds working to save it.

Curated by Tasmanian wilderness photographer and film maker, Dan Broun and the Bob Brown Foundation, Tarkine In Motion is a multi-platform project culminating in film, concerts and exhibitions of art created in the heart of the Tarkine, one of the last great wilderness areas on the planet.

To see the Tarkine is to want to save it. Produced by the Bob Brown Foundation with the support of Patagonia, this short film showcases the spectacular landscapes of Tarkine.

Interviewed in the film, Bob Brown observes that in the next handful of years the fate of Tarkine will be decided – protected for all time as a World Heritage Area, a treasure trove of Aboriginal heritage and spectacular wilderness, or dug up and hacked down for a few quick bucks.

Featuring breathtaking drone footage of the coastline, forests, rivers and mountains, this film challenges us all to visit the Tarkine and not be moved to want to save it.

Brought to you by The Happiness Compass and Bob Brown Foundation.


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