There are those who would try to stuff things concerning sex into a dark and secret hole. To consider sex work is to explode this shallow and facile Puritanism. Sexuality cannot be isolated and removed from the everyday. In this show a variety of sources yields an eclectic selection of short works by and about sex workers that span all concerns of life. There’s the charming bravado of youth (Lawless), and an allegorical tale of how the old hunger for young bodies (Flesh for Brigitte); polar differences in approach to legislative handling of sex work and the how each approach affects the work and the workers (Booking with a Sex Worker in a Decrim State and Sounding Aileen); from the angst of anti-porn theory (Danny Wylde to a prescription for salvation through porn in (Porn Yoga: So You Think You Can Wank); from hot, tattooed and fancy-free dancin’ on camera (All My Hoes) to a hard week at work for two people trying to provide the best start possible for a child (Funcle); from street based worker and director Victoria Schneider’s existential musings (Whore on Whore) to an extremely transgressive dance recital by the incomparable erotic performance artist Akynos Shekera (Twerking on Jesus)! Buckle up, Moonbeam! The kaleidoscope is shakin’ and it’s gonna be a wild bouncy ride. –LM

Sex Work – It’s a Real Job

In 2016, sex workers approached RhED/Resourcing Health and Education in the sex industry with the concept of creating art to raise awareness in the general community about stigma and discrimination. This pieces were all created by sex workers.

Directed by Kima O’Donnell & Tamara Desiatov / 2.45 min / 2017 / Victoria

Twerking on Jesus

Video of performance artist/burlesque dancer/sex worker rights advocate, The Incredible, Edible, Akynos (MF Akynos) touring Brazil to twerk on everything in sight, but especially the beloved Jesus statue in Rio. Follow her journey through the upcoming film #TwerkingOnJesus on www.akynos.com

Akynos Shekera, Laura Murray & PJ Starr / 2.35 min / 2016 / US-Brazil

Whore on Whore

The story of Victoria Schneider, a brave activist from San Francisco, who speaks of her work on the street and her life and goals. In the follow-up you see how she had the courage to challenge abusive treatment by the police and Sheriff’s department in a landmark case.

Directed by Victoria Schneider / Edited by Carol Leigh / 6.37 min / 1995 / San Francisco

Sounding Aileen

Poet Holiday Black uses found language from the Aileen Wuornos case to create experimental poetry. In this video, Black collaborates with film maker Emily Raw, contrasting the harsh, dense realities lived by Aileen with jittering and transcendental imagery meant to reflect the pressures of sex workers living under criminalization.

Holiday Black & Emily Raw / 1.51 min / 2017 / US


A collaborative short film documenting the everyday experiences of Tilly Lawless, a sex worker in Sydney’s decriminalised sex industry. The film attempts to challenge commonly held attitudes about sex and love, and to expose society’s contradictory taboos surrounding sex work. Made up of photographs taken by Tilly herself, the film invites the viewer into her world as a confidant, rather than as a voyeur.

Ellen Pearson / 3.32 min / 2016 / UK

A Booking with a Sex Worker in a Decriminalised State

Funny and informative, this video shows the ins and outs of what actually goes on in a booking under decrim.

Kitty Korner & Holly / 4.54 min / 2015 / Australia

Flesh for Brigette

Brigitte, director of a porn production company, is obsessed by getting old. She’s ready about doing anything to get her youth back, even summoning a spirit hungry for young porn actors!

Phillips Solange / 8.30 min / 2016 / France


Is the freedom bought by sex work contradicted by stereotyped stylizations such as ‘slut, seductress, bitch’, of the sexually empowered woman? Bodies explores opinions and judgments of women who use their bodies as a means to an end. In three segments the film explores archetypes of sexual women performed by Vivi Violette, predominantly taken from her experiences in the sex industry and how she is perceived within it.

Vivi Violette / 4.23 min / 2016 / Australia

All My Hoes

A compilation of video shot during erotic and professional photoshoots with queer femme sex worker friends of artist Eva Woo in West Philadelphia.

Eva Woo / 2.14 min / 2017 / US

Shit They Say to Sex Workers

As part of the ‘shit people say’ meme, sex workers mock the most commonly-heard offensive remarks from everyday folk.

Uppity Whores / 2.56 min / 2012 / Australia

Make My Day

Filmed in Sydney’s Salon Kitty’s dungeons in 1986 this short film is an accurate portrayal of the frustrations (or is it the pleasures?) of being a Bondage and Discipline mistress.

Eurydice Aroney / 11.34 min / 1988 / Australia

Training of Poe

These clips from this immersive trans lesbian BDSM documentary follow Chelsea Poe to the mountains of western Massachusetts for an intense 3 day slave training at the old guard leather household of Mistress Bella Vendetta.

Bella Vendetta / 8.07 min / 2017 / US

Danny Wylde

Based on an essay by project collaborator, former porn star ‘Danny Wylde’, this disturbing short frames Zeischegg aka Wylde’s negative experiences and reflections on the porn industry.

Matthew Kaundar, Luka Fisher & Christopher Zeischegg / 3.00 min / 2015 / US

Testimonies of Thell

A member of french sex worker organization, STRASS, Maia is an award winning fine artist with a degree in political science. She utilises photographic and videographic perspectives to investigate her activity as a sex worker. This video tryptic was originally constructed as an installation.

Maia Izzo-Foulquie / 10.00 min / 2016 / France

Badass Nigga- The Charlie Looker of Psalm Zero Remix

Some of us sex workers have a decided weakness for Hegelian philosophy, fine African American literature, spikes, eyeliner and cutie twinks in bondage! Afro-gothic experimental performance artist M. Lamar (immensely stylish and talented sibling of the immensely stylish and talented American icon Laverne Cox) takes his audience on an aural-visual killing spree in this dark, high concept short.

M. Lamar / 4.11 min / 2014 / US

New School of Erotic Touch and PornYoga.com presents: ‘So You Think You Can Wank?’ and ‘Before Porn Yoga, Beyond Porn Addiction’ and more

Sexologist Dr. Joseph Kramer, teaches a new approach to embodied sexuality in the form of a yoga practice. Porn Yoga deconstructs our relationship to porn, dispersing cultural shame. “This embodied sexual practice uses porn as a tool to integrate sexual arousal into our bodies, our lives and our world.”

Produced by Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. / Edited by Joseph and Carol Leigh / 4.50 min / 2017 / Oakland

House of Air

Deriving its inspiration from Hal Fischer’s seminal work Gay Semiotics: a photographic study of visual coding among homosexual men’, House of Air parodies instructional videos of the 1970s and at the same time explores a clash between coded and explicit representations of gay sex.

Brian Fairbairn & Karl Eccleston / 3.57 min / 2017 / UK

I Am Learning To Abandon the World

This silent found-footage film cuts together eventless moments from a trove of vintage 16mm films discovered at a salvage house with new intertitles to create an elusive anti-narrative of absence, self loss, desire, and hidden threats. The film shifts the original films’ focus on the external, the visible, and the spectacular. It explores, instead, the internal psychological experience of the women, whom it reimagines as heroines, the unrepresentable, and the possibility of imagining female subjectivity in a medium whose formal conventions have been defined by heterosexual male desire.

A. Moon / 9.50 min / 2016 / US

These are not our things

“These Are Not Our Things” explores the creative and playful ways that one can access eroticism. It especially highlights the potential to find delight and intimacy through the mundane: by re-writing otherwise uninteresting, everyday objects as opportunities for pleasure and surprise, we can re-evaluate our relationship to the erotic, to intimacy, and to sex and sexuality, and we can detach from dominant narratives around ‘what is erotic’ and ‘what is sex.’ ‘These Are Not Our Things’ depicts and encourages curiosity towards accessing desire in unusual locations, which the filmmaker views as one possible avenue towards queering the erotic.

Jay Papadopoulos, featuring Lucrezia Cossima / 1.30 min / 2017 / US


The ups and downs of your occupation doesn’t make a difference when you’re desperately in love and planning a baby! A young couple used to living dangerously struggles to earn enough to finance the perfect home birth.

7.55 min / 2015 / US

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