August 22 only

Arielle’s Staff Pick!

Come early for a pre-show DJ set featuring a festival of golden glam hits and video clips, courtesy of DJ Flink, 6:15-7pm!

Todd Haynes’ ode to glam rock takes you on a journey through the music that broke through the boundaries of rock and sexuality with ruthless edge, and glitter!


What began as Todd Haynes’ (CAROL, I’M NOT THERE) vision of doing an official biography of David Bowie was denied when he was unable to gain the rights to Bowie’s life and music. Rather than chucking the project entirely, Haynes took advantage of this new opportunity to make a movie that, unlike your typical biopic, completely takes off into space, embodying the spirit of Ziggy Stardust and the other-worldliness of the glam movement itself, playing out like a love letter from a die-hard fan. Starring Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as glam superstar Brian Slade, Ewan Mcregor as Slade’s lover and Iggy Pop incarnate, Curt Wild, a stunning Toni Collette as Slade’s wife Mandy. Featuring a tour de force soundtrack featuring Roxy Music, T. Rex, Brian Eno, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, with covers by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Ewan Mcgregor, Thom Yorke and Placebo, plus some impressively glam original music from Pulp, Shudder to Think and Grant Lee Buffalo.


The film centers around Arthur Stuart (Christian Bale), a journalist in present day 1984 leading an investigation into the disappearance of glam rock’s once most glittering and adored star, Brian Slade, 10 years after faking his own death on stage. Slade’s career and relevance has long since faded, along with glam itself. However, for Arthur, a once closeted teenager growing up in 70’s Britain at the cusp of the glam revolution, and rejected by his conservative parents, Slade was and remains an idol and ever-lasting influence. Interviewing Slade’s friends, lovers and associates, Stuart’s search for Slade plays out in musical and fantastical flashbacks of the singer’s glamorous life and career. Through Arthur’s eyes, we experience and relive the collective impact that glam rock and our pop idols have had on generations of outcasts, weirdos and romantics just like us, searching for their place.

Directed by Todd Haynes. 1998. 119 min. 35mm.

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