POLYESTER in 35mm and Odorama!

March 06 only


Part of our 41 Years of Arthouse celebration, we bring back one of our favorite John Waters movies of all time, the film that has repeatedly aroused olfactory ecstasy in Roxie audiences, in 35mm and with official Odorama cards!

PolyesterIn POLYESTER, John Waters’ muse Divine plays Francine Fishpaw, a suburban housewife whose life is falling apart. Hated by her neighbors, cheated on by her husband and concerned about her kids, Francine befriends “World’s Oldest Debutante” Cuddles Kovinsky (Edith Massey!), falls for Todd Tomorrow (Tab Hunter!), and, well, chaos ensues. A masterpiece of bad taste and furious camp, POLYESTER was Water’s last full-bore gross-out before 1988’s substantially more tame HAIRSPRAY.

polyester-odorama1For the release of POLYESTER in 1981, John Waters pioneered an advance in cinema technology so putrid, so repulsive, and so downright stinky it overwhelmed the nation in stench. Francine’s acute sense of smell leaps out and grabs your nostrils with the help of the Odorama card, a scratch and sniff card with ten numbered scratchers that releases Francine’s olfactory experiences out of the movie and straight up your nose. Odorama cards will be distributed to all ticketholders for our very limited engagement.

Please join us to experience the historic majesty of the Roxie Theater, the magic of our carbon-arc 35mm projection, and the sights, sounds and scents of POLYESTER. (1981, 86 minutes, 35mm).



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