Staff Pick: Instrument

April 26 only

Noah’s Pick! Take a trip back to the heyday of 90’s punk with this epic Fugazi doc!

Jem Cohen’s insightful music doc paints a mesmerizing portrait of Fugazi — one of the most important punk bands of all time. Embracing Fugazi’s DIY ethos, the film compiles concert footage, interviews, and audience from over eleven years of the band’s life—1987 to 1998–from its early days to the peak of its success in the mid-’90s. Instrument is a tribute not only to the band’s continued critical and popular acclaim but also to the independent music scene of Washington D.C. where Fugazi grew up and found its calling.

“Cohen’s artful film is part tour documentary, part studio diary, part concert film, and part compilation of interviews. Instrument doesn’t simply draw from one tour or one performance, but relies on footage shot over the course of 11 years…Cohen and the band spent five years editing together this nonlinear patchwork: Video mixes with Super 8 and 16mm, and shots of the band in the studio segue into slow-motion footage from the road to an interview from some random TV show from years before. It’s a beguiling, mesmerizing film, because it never settles on a straightforward path. It creates a portrait of the band without revealing the whole picture.” -A.V Club

A film by Jem Cohen. USA. 2003. 115 min.



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