First show: November 25


Directed by Diego Luna. Starring Danny Glover, Maya Rudolph, Jose Maria Yazpik.

Ambrose Eubanks (Danny Glover), is an old-school pig farmer from California. After the family farm is foreclosed, he sets off with Howard, his beloved (and very large) pig, on a road trip to Mexico. Ambrose must figure out how to smuggle “Howie” across the border and find him a new home.

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Ambrose Eubanks (Danny Glover) es un criador de cerdos de la vieja escuela en California. Al perder la granja familiar, se embarca en un viaje por carretera con Howard, su amado y enorme cerdo. Emprenden un camino a través de México en búsqueda de un nuevo hogar para “Howie”.

Mexico, 2016, 100 min, in English and Spanish with English Subtitles, HD Digital.

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