October 13 only

SpookFest is the film festival that goes bump in the night! We’re bringing you 13 new homegrown shorts about oddball creatures, diligent aliens, and mutant grocery produce, all with a touch of humor and a splash of fake blood.

On Friday the 13th, the Roxie turns into a haunted theater with ghastly musicians, strange decor, and some monstrous emcees to take us through a night of mostly delight and a little fright. Moviegoers are encouraged to wear costumes (there’s a contest!) and vote on your favorite films. Tell your friends and friends, and LET’S. GET. SPOOKY!

 The Line-Up!

“ABDUCTION” by Chris and Jack: Dave gets abducted for a routine examination.

“Bad Dog” by Tom Putnam: A newspaper isn’t going to fight off this one.

“Death Metal” by Chris Mcinroy: Would you trade your soul for a killer guitar?

“HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Film” by Joe Nicolosi: Imagine you’re in a world of absolute horror—wait, how about we go somewhere else?

“Invaders” by Jason Kupfer: A pair of home invaders consider their theatrical sides.

“Killa B*tch” by Alex Covert Mallonee and Genevieve Constance Jones: Tommy is on a date. That date is with KB, the ringleader of Bad Bitches.

“Pink And Blue” by Weronika Tofilska: Who says a morgue can’t be romantic?

“Roofie” by Laura Kadner and Will Greene: Drugs don’t always work the way you think.

“Spooky Club” by Holomax: The club decided to retrieve the stolen skull of Vincent Price.

“The Sleepover” by Chris Kullari: A town is caught between the sequels of a famous masked killer.

“Troutmare” by Charlie Nordstrom: A fish can always dream.

“Vampire” by Isaac Ravishankara and Nitemayor: Get down with your bad selves.

“Your Date Is Here” by Todd Spence and Zak White: Don’t get stuck with the Dweeb.

BONUS: “Pizza Witch” by Hillary and Courtney Andujar

DOUBLE BONUS: “Blood Oranges” by Steve Flavin and Sam Haynor


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