SpookFest 2019

October 24 only

They’re baaaaaaaaaack!

Call your ghoulfriend: the third-annual SPOOKFEST returns to the Roxie! Join us for 13 new, indie short films from the netherworld; stay for the costumes and prizes. Let’s get this party startled!

SpookFest 2019 Short Film Lineup:

THE VIDEO STORE COMMERCIAL by Tim Rutherford, Cody Kennedy
He poured his life force in to that VHS. It’s still crappy.

VAMPIRES PREFER BLACK by Jasmine Jakupi, Addison Heath
Dating mortals is never easy. But decorating can be!

PEEK A BOO by Anthony Cousins
A great reason to move on to patty cake.

BIRDBOY by Sanjna Bharadwaj
Sometimes you gotta make your own flock.

F**KBOY by Stella Macdonald
And you thought you had bad internet dates.

THE PLEASURE ZONE by Zoe Young, Sam Haynor, Stefan Zavier
With pleasure bots, you don’t have to pay for premium. But you might want to.

BEST FRIEND by Nicholas Olivieri, Shen Yi, Juliana De Lucca, Varun Nair, David Feliu
The best friends are make believe.

MIKUS by Zak White, Todd Spence
Your childhood is a dangerous thing to forget.

BITTEN by Sarah Reimers
It’s a full moon, and somebody’s feeling feisty!

JE SUIS DE TROP by Maxime Baudin
It’s never nice to eat all the office’s cake.

THE SEAL by Richa Rudola
Sometimes good things come in small packages. Or not.

SMEAR by Kate Herron
Pap smears are never going to be this much fun.

THIRST TRAP by Steve Flavin
When you have to find that special someone before the sun comes up.

GREAT CHOICE by Robin Comisar
You might love 90s TV commercials. How would you like to be in one?

WILD LOVE by Paul Autric, Quentin Camus, Léa Georges, Maryka Laudet, Zoé Sotiaux, Corentin Yvergniaux
She’s put up with a lot. Now Mother Nature is striking back.



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