SFSU Thesis Films: CINE 622

CINE 620/622 Advanced Fiction Filmmaking at SFSU is an intensive year-long course in which students write, produce, direct, and edit an 8-minute fiction narrative short. Consisting of sixteen students, the class represents a “capstone experience” for graduating seniors majoring in Cinema.

Land of Opportunity//Directed by George Almanza//An undocumented teen is driven to realize his dream in the United States despite the recent increase in deportations.

My Mother, Myself, and I//Directed by King Yaw Soon//A glimpse into three stages of the life of a son who struggles with the truth about his single mother.

A Life Passed//Directed by Roland Greedy//Feeling his life has peaked after his divorce, Daniel hopes that a traumatic event has given him the chance to regain his role in his family.

Moral//Directed by Joel Tejada//A young man is forced to make a difficult decision as the life of his two best friends is put into his hands.

Born to Roll//Directed by Steven Cloyes//A young woman escapes the ice only to find the track and discover her inner warrior.

Withdrawal Symptoms//Directed by Alejandro Gonzalez-Caro//Cosmo develops peculiar methods of coping with his newfound loneliness.

Dog Days//Directed by Sergio A. Gonzalez//Ruby illegally transfers her dog’s mind into a human host and has to keep him hidden or face dire consequences.

Alternate News//Directed by Matthew Freiheit//A corrupt politician is willing to do anything to save his career and reputation as a journalist gets close to exposing the truth about his involvement in a sex scandal.

DOUGHBOYS//Directed by Miles Douglas Bartle//Two brothers grapple with starvation and madness as the only food supply to their twisted nightmare world is cut off.

Into the Night//Directed by Chris Camacho//Set during the impoverished U.S. of 2008, an adamant young woman uncovers the truth about her convoluted father on her way home.

Dear Bella//Directed by Zaira B. Aguilar //Bella becomes pen pals with her mother after discovering she is mysteriously ill, until one day she is forced to go into her mother’s room to discover what’s on the other side.

Hunter//Directed by Erick Rodriguez//In a dystopian future, vengeance and morality come into play as a bounty hunter pursues a wanted criminal who happens to be a former friend.

Salvacion//Directed by Raquel Ramirez//Fernanda plans to escape the reality she was born into by venturing to the other side of the U.S./Mexico border.

Sticks and Stones//Directed by Anne Slabach//A young woman grapples with the trauma of being bullied as a child – personified by her younger self-continuing to torment her.

The Boy with the Sombrero//Directed by Constantine Konstin//A little boy walking the city streets with his mom is tormented by a supernatural entity that follows him back home.

Pudgy & Scrawny//Directed by Spencer Wilson//Burdened by a pillory and the superstitious eccentric leading his escape, an atheist absconder runs from the laws of men into the jurisdiction of an imposing God — the Gan Chroí.

Angora//Directed by Drew Roderick//A young man attempts to escape his debts and a violent fate by hiding out in his abandoned childhood home in the Nevada mountains.


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