SFSU Thesis Films: CINE 620

CINE 620 Advanced Fiction Filmmaking at SFSU is an intensive single-semester course in which students write, produce, direct, and edit an 8-minute fiction narrative short. Consisting of sixteen students, the class represents a “capstone experience” for graduating seniors majoring in Cinema.

EK//Directed by Lukas Rohrer//A young boy raised in isolation becomes aware of the outside world and begins plotting his escape.

Glad You Came//Directed by Brian Baker//Lewis attempts to find closure with his ex-girlfriend Sarah while dodging the overbearing coaching of his closest friends.

The Tree//Directed by Catalin Stef//The paths of three people intersect at a tree – each one of them arriving there for a different reason.

Irie//Directed by B. West//A young man gets ready for a picnic in this drama-turned-tragedy told through flashbacks.

Cowboy Chris Billy//Directed by Justin Aragon//Grief and confusion go hand in hand in this fever dream comedy about a brother, a sister, and cowboys in Chinatown.

What We Have Here//Directed by Jessica Schlegel//A teenager examines the relationships in his life after his mother walks in on him and his girlfriend post-coitus.

Take the Next Bus, Honey//Directed by Hirokawa Hayashida//A girl meets a talking mannequin at a bus stop and joins its routine of listening to the stories of strangers.

Dream Little Astronaut//Directed by Marilyn Flores//A young Latin American girl, who is about to migrate to the United States, dreams of becoming an astronaut.

OutRun//Directed by Ken Davis//A young man steals a car and plans to sell its parts in order to afford medicine for his ill father.


Displace//Directed by Alberto Herrera//A local artist is forced to take a job in the tech industry in an attempt to keep up with the outrages prices in his rapidly changing neighborhood.

Mi Alma//Directed by Nathalie Villarpando//A young Alma comes of age while struggling to balance her Latin roots and her American culture.

I Guess It’s Your Birthday//Directed by Tanya Ringer//An alcoholic mother wants to bake a cake for her daughter’s birthday but her inner demons have different plans.



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