SFSU Thesis Films: CINE 620

CINE 620 Advanced Fiction Filmmaking at SFSU is an intensive single-semester course in which students write, produce, direct, and edit an 8-minute fiction narrative short. Consisting of eleven students, the class represents a “capstone experience” for graduating seniors majoring in Cinema.

COLLIDE//Directed by Alex Rennie// A grieving mother and son struggle with their inner demons after a family tragedy.

TOD THE SNAKE// Directed by Alkwon Dillard// A snake must deal with the failure of his film.

ARMOND THERRIOT// Directed by Daniel Elmore// Two well-to-do brothers receive a visit from the world famous socialite Armond Therriot.

DUTY// Directed by Fredis Flores// When a samurai is given orders he considers unjust, he must decide what is truly the honorable thing to do.

THE LAST JOB// Directed by Jared Angcanan// Crime! Huh! Yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

THEREAFTER// Directed by Jared Lombardo//In the wake of losing his job and his home, a widowed father and his daughter move into a motel.

CROSSES// Directed by Javier Padilla// A father takes his son on a journey to reveal the true cost of coming to America.

CONDITIONAL// Directed by Maddy Graves// A teenage track star finds the one thing she can’t run away from: her mother.

SHARP// Directed by Lucas Padilla//While on set, a young woman must determine whether or not her friendship is really worth it.

THE FIGURE// Directed by Sabrina Ghidossi’// A naive young woman must defy her abusive mother to save herself from a looming evil.

ANGEL// Directed by Nicolle Gudino// The limits of a young mother’s generosity are tested.


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