SFSU Thesis Films: CINE 622

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CINE 622 Advanced Fiction Filmmaking at SFSU is an intensive year long course in which students write, produce, direct, and edit an 8-minute fiction narrative short. Consisting of sixteen students, the class represents a “capstone experience” for graduating seniors majoring in Cinema.

LOVING LOMANTIS // Directed by Graham Law// San Francisco’s least favorite musician is making his comeback.

LA LUCHA ES LIBRE// Directed by Diego Enrique Murga// A luchador-turned-activist in San Francisco’s Mission District maintains his will to fight.

A KEEPER// Directed by Pasakorn Barnnamas// Two young adults struggle to keep their four-year relationship at spark.

REDBURGER// Directed by Madeline Meyers// A burger blogger avoiding the inevitable struggle with her health find out just how rare medium rare is.

WHO WE BECAME// Directed by Kenan J Neo// A teacher is haunted by the traumatic memories of his teenage years in the same school he continues to teach in.

CHANCE ENCOUNTER// Directed by Jimmy Ward// A Chance encounter with a familiar monster leaves a dying woman with a moment of empowerment.

CHANNEL 3// Directed by Domonik Hernandez// A home movie enthusiast is given a tape he may or may have not wanted to see.

BEEP// Directed by Alexander Gonzalez// A music-loving old man spends his time fixing machines until he finds a mysterious little robot who wants to fix him.

MADE WITH LOVE// Directed by Alisia Palczewski// As a married couple hikes deeper and deeper into a forest, eerie details of their relationship begin to emerge.

NO FUN ALLOWED// Directed by J Allard// A trans woman and her friends try something supernatural to overcome their oppression.

WRANGLER// Directed by Adam Roenker// A mother tries to rekindle her relationship with her son after her husband dies in the family Jeep.

YOUNG DEATH// Directed by Adam Rosenberg// An anti-social teen is conflicted about his destiny when a dark secret regarding his family is revealed.

THE DAY THE DAWN NEVER CAME// Directed by Sean Hunter// Anton, a dying spiritualist spends his last night alive in the wilderness only to find that this night would be the true test of his moral code.

NO FORKS IN THE ROAD// Directed by Jessica Le// At a rest stop, May’s newly-found friendship with a stranger leaves her at a crossroads with her cultural identity.

YOU, ME, AND THE CITY// Directed by Kona Blue// Through their appreciation of graffiti art and the city’s abandoned secrets, a transplant and a San Francisco native find love for the forgotten spirit of the city and for each other as well.

SAGUARO// Directed By Jake Naso// “It only takes one prick to turn this heist into a bloodbath”


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