SFSU: Senior Thesis Films

San Francisco State University School of Cinema proudly presents a collection short films from their Undergraduate Thesis Film Students.

The SFSU Undergraduate Cinema Thesis Program is made up of fourteen student filmmakers, each been put to the task of creating their own short films within the time of one school year. With the help of faculty, staff, students, and family, these fourteen filmmakers have put their dreams onto the silver screen.

Join us for the premiere exhibition of this years San Francisco State Undergrad Thesis Short Films Program.

Suicide Bullet

After surviving a suicide attempt, an amnesiac woman must rediscover the truth behind
her troubled past.

Directed by Mack Lee, 7 min 40s

Sweet and Sour

A mother- daughter struggles to navigate a shift in their relationship when the mother decides to go to India, all while baking a cake.

Directed by Nandita Goel. 8 min 30s

Night Shift

A pair of shifty parking garage booth attendants encounter an unexpected financial opportunity.

Directed by Major Levin. 8 min


Based on a true story from the late 80s, this drama follows the oldest sister of 4 children, on the night they decide to escape the hell they call home.

Directed by Alex Landin. 8 min 30s


Generational story that follows a family dealing with destruction, told in chapters on a Sunday.

Directed by Danny Gonzalez. 8 min 50s

Deep Undercover

When an SFPD detective’s alcohol addiction brings out an alternate personality that loves killing people, he must find a way out of it in order to keep himself out of jail.

Directed by Diksha Sharma. 11 min.

Drop The Clutch

Ozzie sits in the drivers seat of his ‘72 Mustang, stewing in the traumatic consequences of his actions.

Directed by: Víctor Hugo Amaya. 8 min 30s.

Shikata Ga Nai

A fantasy romance set in the ruins of a Japanese American Internment camp, where a young couple attempts to reconcile their relationship as ghosts.

Directed by Kevin Kodama. 10 min 53s.

Golden Boy

Struggling young man, coping with trauma of neglect and self-care.

Directed by David Gonzalez. 8 min 12s.

Death Run

Out of desperation, a young bounty hunter takes on a job that endangers the life of herself and the one’s she loves.

Directed by Daniel Mitchell-Rodriguez. 13 min.

The Passenger

A high school teacher drives passengers over the course of one night in San Francisco, whilst battling internal demons.

Directed by Michelangelo Gutierrez. 8 min 35s.

Finding Francine

After an awry argument, Luna roams San Francisco in search of her love, Francine, with questions she already knows the answer to.

Directed by Lottie Pacheco-Lobatos. 8 min 45s.

The Hour

An anxious college student returns home for her mom’s birthday to find home isn’t always where the heart is.

Directed by Phoebe Post. 6 min 15s.

Taking My Time

When Carlos travels back in time to fix a mistake, he becomes so jealous of his past-self that he attempts to replace himself in time.

Directed by Sean Reilly. 8 min 30s.


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