September 30 only

Presented by Cine + Más San Francisco Latino Film Festival. Co-presented by RoxCine.

LUCAS COMO SARA movie trailer from Live the Reel on Vimeo.

Directed by Day Garcia

Narrative Feature / USA / 2017 / Comedy, Drama / 84 mins / English with English subtitles / DCP / World Premiere

In Havana, Lucas has a psychedelic trip to back to the 80s after snorting his mother’s ashes while on a bender. Lucas becomes his mother somehow. He believes that being trapped inside his mother’s body he must find a way to be ‘born again’ and that means having to find and ‘meet’ his father. It’s a boundary pushing road trip film full of laughs, sex, Cuban music, and trippy absurdity. Lucas just wants to figure out who he really is.


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September 306:30 PMBig Roxie