SF Shorts Film Festival

First show: October 15

sf shorts fullWATCH FILMS RUB UP.
2015 Features 6 Programs of Mixed-Genre Short Films and Music Videos. Over 1/2 from outside the U.S., representing 18 countries.

“… a wonderfully polyglot global portrait”
– Matt Sussman, Flavorpill

“… some of these films are so good that they’re going to make
ssyou realize how much of your life you’ve already squandered
sson crappy and forgettable movies of feature length. Don’t waste any more time.” – Jonathan Kiefer, KQED



Oct. 15th (Thu) 7pm
Film Mix One – Chose Pause Change (75 min)

Oct. 15th (Thu) 9pm
Film Mix Two – The Secret Life of Me (75 min)

Oct. 16th (Fri) 7pm
Film Mix Three – Beta-Meta-Morphosis (70 min)

Oct. 16th (Fri) 9pm
Film Mix Four – Tied Up, Untied Down (80 min)

Oct. 17th (Sat) 7pm
Film Mix Five – What’s Old is New (70 min)

Oct. 17th (Sat) 9pm
Film Mix Six – You Are Mine, You Are Me (84 min)



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