SF Short Film Festival

First show: October 06

The short film — what a perfect genre. Like the perfect snack. Or the very best poem: intensity and imagination distilled down to the most crucial and poignant of words. Short films are the quintessential starting point, and for some filmmakers, the definitive end goal.

Thursday, October 6

Bay Area Talents

I Just Wanna Dance – Directed by Amanda Beane, 5 min

Switching Lanes – Directed by Guy Wilkinson, 7 min

I Don’t Ride My Bike Anymore– Directed by Gabriel Perez, 8 min

DraughtDirected by Weston Terry, 8 min

Creep BoxDirected by Patrick Biesemans, 9 min

The Last PictureDirected by Ally May, 9 min

Living Dictionary: Cantonese – Directed by Laura Garber & Wangyuxuan Xu, 10 min

Simran – Directed by Gurparsad Thind, 10 min

The Case of the Missing Puzzle Box – Directed by Ash Wing, 8 min

Gary – Directed by Doug Cox, 7 min

Bird Keeper – Directed by Linda Dahlem, 11 min

Losing my Head – Directed by Alex Zajicek, 4 min

Empathy (Or: The Girl with The Pearled Hair) Directed by Christian Santiago, 19 min

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Friday, October 7

Smile and Laugh

Mr. Mayonnaise – Directed by Patrick Rahill, 14 min

Reggie and June – Directed by Brandon Thomas, 13 min

Elise for Congress – Directed by Ernie Bustamante, 3 min

In Training – Directed by Kayla Compton, 12 min

Pay Phone 702 – Directed by Kevin D’Angelo, 15 min

Swimmers – Directed by Adam K Tiller, 13 min

Pearl in the Window – Directed by Nil Unerdem, 16 min

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Saturday, October 8

Vision of Hope

Groundhog Town – Directed by David Phillip Zucker, 22 min

Beyond Homeless: Finding Hope – Directed by Sean Sciavolin, 38 min

Things We Shouldn’t Talk About – Directed by Robbie Kruithoff, 11 min

Stairway to the Stars – Directed by Lorenzo Pietro DeStefano, 25 min

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Sunday, October 9

Touching and Authentic

Going Away Party – Directed by Beth Evans, 9 min

Righteous – Directed by Ethan Grossman, 13 min

Empathy (Or: The Girl with Pearled Hair) – Directed by Christian Santiago, 19 min

Airspace – Directed by Jennifer Juelich, 14 min

Sproutland – Directed by Cynthia Wade, 25 min

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Monday, October 10


Fish Story – Directed by Annique Witdoeckt, 20 min

Lessons my Hair Has Taught Me – Directed by Luke Rudy, 14 min

Gabriel – Directed by Brenton Gieser, 15 min

Ball and Vase – Directed by David Baram, 31 min

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Secrets and Lies

Fishbowl – Directed by Jacqueline Chan, 15 min

The Secret – Directed by Xin Liu, 18 min

Sonder – Directed by Isa Grassi, 27 min

Hummingbird – Directed by Lindsey E. Gary, 15 min

Wooden Sea – Directed by Adam Elder Montanaro, 22 min

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Tuesday, October 11


Blue Eye Shadow – Directed by Terrence Ivory, 21 min

Intended Mother – Directed by Jessica k Schlegel, 18 min

Let Me In – Directed by Matt Dooley, 16 min

Swimmers – Directed by Adam K Tiller, 13 min

Life Rendered – Directed by Emma Needell, 24 min

The Laughing Woo Woo – Directed by Amir Youssef, 17 min

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Wednesday, October 12


Ataraxia – Directed by Haley Seppa, 15 min

The Cosmopolitan West – Directed by Molly Ratermann, 21 min

Tarneit – Directed by John Sheedy, 22 min

A Home Invastion – Directed by Maddie Downes, 8 min

All that Glitters – Directed by Dan Bronzite, 24 min

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Thursday, October 13

Bay Area Journeys

Rex Ray: A Portrait – Directed by Kegan Marling, 3 min

Women’s Cut – Directed by Janet Chen, 4 min

Urban Oasis – Directed by Ryan Scura, 4 min

I Lied About Being an Artist – Directed by Blake Bogosian, 7 min

Lead Change – Directed by Michael Crocker, 8 min

Ramini – Directed by Subei Kyle, 12 min

Rail of the Redwood Valley – Directed by Karl-Erik Mills, 12 min

Marcela – Directed by Caitlin Manning, 22 min

Campesinos: America’s Unsung Heroes – Directed by Joe Poni, 22 min

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