First show: February 10

What horrors await us when we leave home, when we swap the bustle of the city for the silence of the remote? And what lurks beneath things unsaid? This is the murky world of Mark Jackson’s wholly distinctive character study. Drifting through life, and gifted a ticket to visit her childhood best friend, Hafsia arrives in New York with little money and no plans. Disoriented by the persona her friend projects to this world, French-speaking Hafsia impulsively books herself a remote cabin upstate. There, she is confronted by both conservative responses to her (foreign) presence and the unnerving solitude of her surroundings. A quietly unsettling flirtation with genre conventions, rather than a straightforward thriller, Jackson gently builds a multi-layered sense of unease, culminating with truly terrifying insights into the monsters within us all.

Directed by Mark Jackson. Narrative. 95 minutes. USA. 2018.


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