SF IndieFest Shorts 6: SUPER FREAK

First show: February 08

Wonderfully WTF shorts about mime sex, moms on drugs, meta mushroom murder, and mermaids …and those are just the “M”s.


Jeff uses his Amazon Alexa device to help him get laid.

image of a man staring at his Alexa like a fucking animal.

Directed by Konish Dutta, US. 6 mins.


A skeptical woman checks out an extraordinary storage facility where customers can, quite literally, compartmentalize their issues. A cowboy-salesman haphazardly tries to get her to commit to a unit, but she is hesitant. Her walk down suppressed-memory lane leaves her unaffected until the last locker reveals a crossroads where there’s no turning back.

image of a cowboy trying to fix a woman's issues and she's not impressed.

Directed by Eliaz Rodriguez, US. 5 mins.


An absurd comedy about a woman who examines her relationship with a man she has just started seeing in depth, and begins to explore her own misogyny, fantasies about having a penis and hatred for traditional gender roles.

image of two women wearing on a beach talking to each other.

Directed by Joanna Arnow, US. 5 mins.


A women in the woods makes her escape.

A woman in the woods at night with blood on her face

Directed by Jared Callahan, LOCAL FILMMAKER, US. 2 mins.


Hiring your significant other is a bad idea.

image of a woman holding out her hand in what looks like an interview for a job.

Directed by Ted Marsden, US. 5 mins.


Upon overhearing her teen daughters recount their dating experiences while getting ready on prom night, Judy accidentally drugs herself with Chinese herbal medicine spiraling her into a gaudy sexual fantasy with the class hunk.

image of woman sliding her glasses down to reveal her eyes with a piece of gum in her mouth.

Directed by Jessica Liu, US. 9 mins.


A musical short film set between the worlds of fandom and pop culture, PUSH THE POINT follows four online gamers through their squad-based mission. Harder than defeating the red team, however, is sticking together while trying to navigate toxicity, super-fandom, and the futility of having an argument on the internet.

3 images put together all of them playing video games with headsets on.

Directed by Bryan Burton, US. 7 mins.


Adam is a total slacker but for some reason he wants to take part in a triathlon. Murat is supposed to give him a ride but then the day does not exactly go as planned.. A short live action comedy with animated scenes.

image of a bald man with a cigarette in his hand talking in a bar.

Directed by Ken Hagen-Takenaka, GERMANY. 9 mins.


Simon won’t tell Akif about his secret mushroom spot, so Akif follows him into the forest and hunts him down with his rifle. The real Simon is not sure whether this is good art, nor if it’s a good idea to make a film where a young Afghan refugee wants to kill a Swede. Akif’s answer is a poem he’s written at a poetry workshop about his brother who’s no longer with us.

2nd person POV of a man holding up a gun.

Directed by Roozbeh Behtaji & Jovid Eisai, SWEDEN. 10 mins.


It’s Angie’s wedding day, she’s a stand-up comedian and she’s riddled with doubts about her pending nuptials. Sophie, her best friend and Maid of Honor is trying her best to get Angie down the isle but it might all be for nothing if the hungry wedding guests can’t control their appetites.

image of a bride with her bridesmaid talking in the back of a car.

Directed by Brendan Docherty, AUSTRALIA. 7 mins.


A silent lady clown just wants to get off. She finds herself juggling dignity and desire, while bumbling through the absurd world of modern dating, sex, and reproductive health.

a lady clown holding up a blue drink with fruit in it.

Directed by Emelia Benoit-Lavelle, LOCAL FILMMAKER, US. 8 mins.


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