SF IndieFest Shorts 5: GIVE ME ONE REASON

First show: February 09

Short docs with important questions, like, How do I come out as an Asian? Where’s my pay equality? How do microwaves even work?


All the Possibilities… is a documentary meditation on artist Vernon Pratt’s 1,450 square foot systematic abstraction painting, ALL THE POSSIBILITIES OF FILLING IN SIXTEENTHS (65,536), which was completed in 1982 but only recently exhibited posthumously and for the first time. With a percussive score composed by Rich Holly, All the Possibilities… immerses viewers in Pratt’s world of systematic abstraction, a symphony in black and white.

image of the corner of a wall with dots or brail on each square.

Directed by Marsha Gordon & Louis Cherry, US. 16 mins.


A woman draws from a history of mothers while making dough.

image of a boy washing the floor with a rag and a bowl of soap.

Directed by Stacy Elaine Dacheux, US. 4 mins.


A short documentary about young sneaker entrepreneur, James Green, who is steadily working his way out of East Oakland with his innovative company “Fix My Kix”, a youth business started in the Youth Impact Hub Entrepreneurial Program at United Roots in Oakland, California. Produced by Rafael Flores and Green Eyed Media.

image of a young man holding up his yellow and pink converse that say "fix my kix"

Directed by Raymundo Peralta, US. 7 mins.


A documentary about AJ Andrews, the first woman to win a Rawlings Gold Glove, and her struggle to make it as one of the best professional softball players in the world. Winner of the PBS Reel South Award at the 2019 New Orleans Film Festival.

image of a woman playing baseball in mid motion running to catch the ball.

Directed by Meg Shutzer, LOCAL FILMMAKER, US. 12 mins.


In Tender the tensions caused by San Francisco’s housing crisis unfold for three black trans women in the Tenderloin.Under the backdrop of San Francisco’s housing crisis, the beauty of a historically LBGT-friendly district is revealed. Tender tells the story of three black trans women and their inextricable connections to San Francisco’s often maligned Tenderloin neighborhood. Janetta is a pillar of the trans community and head of the Trans, Gender Variant & Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP). Ronjah juggles multiple jobs as she dreams of moving out of her single room occupancy (SRO) and into an apartment near the ocean. Cookie searches for housing in a ballooning market that is unaffordable and leaves her homeless. These women take pride in living and working in this pre-Stonewall site of LBGTQ liberation, yet the spaces they hold dear erode as San Francisco’s housing crisis grows out of control.

image of a woman smiling and sitting on her front porch.

Directed by Daryl Jones, LOCAL FILMMAKER, US. 20 mins.


UNSPOKEN is the collective outpouring of six queer and trans Asian Americans as they grapple with their queerness and consider what family acceptance might look like. The interviewees hail from across the Asian diaspora—from Sri Lanka and Myanmar to China and South Korea. Some are not yet out to their parents, and this film is their way of doing so. Some have tried to start conversations around their queerness, only to meet sustained denial. Others simply cannot communicate in the same language as their migrant families. In this film, they all share what they would say if one day they woke up and their families’ generational, cultural, and language barriers were gone.

image of a woman wearing red with a huge heart behind her, her arms spread out wide.

Directed by Patrick G. Lee, US. 17 mins.


A playful exploration into contemporary myths in a world explained by science and technology. The filmmaker goes around people’s homes asking how their microwave ovens work. The rumors, fantasies and odd explanations about the invisible and unknown are told with humor and curiosity.

image of two kids standing next to a microwave and a carton of eggs talking to each other with a caption that says,"That is very fast."

Directed by Sunjoo Lee, NETHERLANDS. 11 mins.


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